Dreamers by Yoga Prayudi – track review

Instrumental music is something I am not always in a mood for listening to but every once in a while when I just need music to chill with I pick something instrumental.  I can definitely see this song being something I listen to when I am in a mood for chill instrumental music. This is one of those songs when you just try not to think about anything and just let the music do its job. You will then realize how powerful it is. 

This is a very beautiful and soulful song, to be honest. Every single note feels natural and like it belongs right there. It’s not trying to be some kind of wankfest like a lot of guitar instrumental music can be which is a great thing if you ask me. 

Song opens up with this beautiful melody played on guitar which kinda reminds me of Alan Walker’s Faded. Now you may say how that is a bad thing, but no. I love that song and that is a good thing in my books. Throughout the whole song, this song never loses its feel of being such a beautiful piece of music and that is probably the best part of it. About 70 seconds into the song drums come in giving the song even more of great feel. It completely locks it down.  

Now, let’s talk about the solo. The centerpiece and most important part of the song in my opinion.  Whole guitar solo is extremely soulful and it is great example of “less is more”. It never crosses the barrier of being “too much” or “too flashy” even though you can hear clear influence from John Petrucci who is guilty of going over board with his solos. 


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