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Tommy’s Planet by CrazyEightyEight – song review

Our favorite scene meme lord is back, but this time Jarrod teamed up with always amazing Lauren Babic from Canadian band Red Handed Denial which EP Wanderer I already reviewed. Long story short it is an amazing EP and I find myself coming back to that EP a lot.  Jarrod so far has released two independent full-length studio albums, Beating a Dead Horse and Friendville, both of which reached number one on the Billboard Top Comedy Albums chart. As of April 2017, his YouTube channel has amassed over 190,000 subscribers with more than 92 million total views. Honestly I was surprised when I saw that this is not parody song. So is “Tommy’s Planet” good?Jarrod.png

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Interview with Jenny “RocknRoller”

Please introduce yourself.

Hi I’m Jenny, a 25 year old that likes pop punk and is weirdly obsessed with the band Blink 182. I visit concerts and festivals regularly which I like to capture and share on my Youtube channel. I’m not good at playing the guitar and I love to be outside and travel.


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Love by Lana Del Rey-song review

Right at the start I will admit that I have not heard much of Lana Del Rey’s songs (only “Summertime Sadness). So take this review with a grain of salt. I decided to check out some of her songs so I can understand what is she doing in this song much more easy. So what did I get?lana-del-rey-press-photo-2015-billboard-6501

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