Hot new singles -(3.12-9.12)

We Appreciate Power by Grimes

New Grimes song caught me completely off-guard. Grimes never seemed like an artist to make a song like this to me. If someone told me 2 years ago that Grimes would make industrial rock/metal song I would not believe them So, naturally, it peaked my interest and honestly, I absolutely love it. Yes, some of the lyrics are pretty corny especially the one about uploading your mind, but they are so nerdy that I have to love them. Also, in my opinion really do its job in this song creating such an interesting ominous atmosphere. I love how the whole song has this cool threatening and military vibe. HANNA sounds threatening but in not so usual way at least to me.  Really like how Grimes and HANNA contrast each out other and how much synergy they have. They sound perfect together. 

The bridge of the song is probably the best part of it. If it was not there the whole song would sound pretty monotone.  The only part of the song that I don’t like is that it is maybe a little bit too long. Like, one chorus could easily be cut and not much would be lost.  Overall, this is a really great song and if you have not already heard it you really should. 

The Edge Of The World by Marcela Bovio

It’s no secret that I like Marcela Bovio quite a lot. Her debut album Unprecedented is one of my all-time favourite album and big 10/10 so of course, I am pretty excited for anything she releases.  So this is third single for her upcoming album which comes out on 7th of December. 

I really like how dynamic this song is. It starts as such a calm and slow song but slowly it becomes more and more intense until reaching its climax in during the outro of the song and then just fades out. Also, this song is a great example of a good usage of a fade out. It feels so natural to have it fade out. It sounds like it could go forever.

Marcela herself sounds amazing on it. Her vocal performance is so emotive, something that perfectly fits this song. She puts all of herself into the song and it pays out in spades. 

I really like the lyrics too. Marcela really knows how to write a song about unrequited love without sounding creepy and clingy and also all lyrics hit really hard especially lines such as: “I could try and recite the finest works of Pablo and Rilke alike; but darling: all the poetry in the world is not enough for me to say how much you mean to me.”

I could go on about this song forever but then this whole post would be too long so just give the song a listen and you will hear how amazing it is. 

Tears in Rain by CrazyEightyEight

This is one of two singles CrazyEightyEight has released this week. This one is on more melodic and catchy spectrum.  I can already see people putting this song in “Paramore but heavy” umbrella, but honestly, this song is so much more than that. 

Song opens up with very simple melodic guitar riff before drums go in the full onslaught. I really like how right after that part they strip everything down and let Lauren shine. Drumming on this song is probably one of the best parts of the song, if not the best part. 

I really like how during the chorus they bring back intro riff which makes whole song have almost eerie feel and Lauren’s very passionate singing on top of that makes everything sound even better. 

Part where choir comes in is such a great idea and especially when whole instrumentation comes in. Together they sound so well that it elevates this song on whole another level. 

My only complaint about the song is that it sounds kinda muddy but not too much that it makes me like it less. Still, this is a pretty good song that you definitely should check out. 

Trash Bat by AFI 

I am not the biggest AFI guy. To be fair I have not heard much of their stuff, but the stuff I did I am not the biggest fan of. Sure, they have some great singles and Miss Murder is still a classic but let’s just say that they are not really my thing.

Honestly, this might be one of their better songs. There are some cool elements of the song. Like intro guitar riff for example. But, the thing that brings it down is Davey Havok’s vocal performance. He sounds so unpassionate which is the last thing you wanna do with a song like this. A song like this asks for really enthusiastic vocal performance which it seems like Davey is trying to do but just falls flat on his face. 

Nitroglycerin by CrazyEightyEight

This is second of two singles CrazyEightyEight released in support of their upcoming album. Nitroglycerin is pretty much completely opposite from Tears In Rain. It’s very heavy and in your face. 

Song opens up with very gnarly and nasty bassline which is followed by very groovy guitar riff which I love both, to be honest. Especially that guitar riff, it hits you like the truck after the bassline. 

This song may be very chuggy but it never sounds boring and uninteresting and that is because of great drumming and fantastic vocal performance. Bridge of the song is another reason why song never falls flat on its face. During it they combine very eerie vocal performance with really heavy and chuggy guitar work and it payes out in spades

Out of two singles they released this week this is one I like more. Lauren never sounded this aggressive, visceral and straight up great. This song really makes me excited for their new album and new album by Lauren’s other band, Red Handed Denial. 

Raise Your Banner by Within Temptation 

Oh no, this is not good and this is coming from someone who loves Within Temptation. I mean, it’s not really bad, but for their standards, this is kinda just ok. Guitar work in this song is just like in the previous song very chuggy but it falls flat on its face.  The whole song tries to be really anthemic and Within Temptation is really good at that, but it just ends up being very boring with random guttural vocals by Anders Friden from In Flames which really adds nothing to the song. Sharon sounds decent but I am still kinda disappointed by her vocal performance. 

There is really nothing about it that makes me love it. Solo is solid I guess but rest of the song does absolutely nothing for me which makes me anxious about their upcoming album because I was not a big fan of other singles I’ve heard so far either. Let’s just hope they grew on me in context of the album

Anyways by Arctic Monkeys

I liked new Arctic Monkeys album more than most people did but this… this is just not good at all. The whole song is just so boring. This is one of those where nothing about it that I really hate but nothing really that I dislike and as someone who likes to write about music that is the worst scenario.  Sure, there are some complaints I can make about it but they are not that big. Like for example, everything about it just blends together into one piece of nothingness. Nothing in it sticks out. 

This is must be what people who don’t like new Arctic Monkeys album hear when they listen to it. 

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