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Sign Of The Times by Harry Styles – song review

I am pretty sure I do not need to introduce this guy. If you clicked on this review you already know who is he so I will just jump right into the review. So is “Sign Of The Times” good?


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Top 15 best albums of 2017

2017 was very weird year. It was a year of some serious improvements from artists I have never expected to see and some serious disappointments from some very established artists whose previous work I loved and still do *cough* Kendrick Lamar *cough*. Charlie Puth released two fantastic very similar songs with amazing bass lines(Attention and How Long), Shawn Mendes had There’s Nothing Holding Me Back and Kesha got even better with her newest album Rainbow especially with songs such as Praying, Let ’em Talk and Woman.

If we are talking solely about albums this year might be worse than last one, but still I can not deny how many great albums came out this year. So.let’s start with some albums that did not make the list but I wanted to give some attention to.

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Walk on Water by Eminem feat. Beyonce – song review

So, Eminem how do I start this? Well, I kinda like this guy quite a lot. He was one of artists that got me into rap. Eminem has always been artist I enjoyed even in his “bad” moments AKA stuff he released after Eminem Show. I know that.

So how is this new song?


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My Indigo by My Indigo – track review

Sharon Den Adel is vocalist of Dutch symphonic metal legends Within Temptation. Over the years she gathered reputation of one of best female vocalists of this generation for a good reason. Together with Within Temptation she left major influence on lot of modern metal bands and personally I always loved her as a vocalist and Within Temptation as a band. Still to this day The Unforgiving, The Heart of Everything and The Silent Force are some of my favorite albums of all time.

So, this came out of sudden. After whole week of that “promotion” that frankly made me fear what is about to happen we get this new song from Sharon’s side project. So how is it?

Captura de pantalla de 2017-01-08 17-10-00.png

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The Sin And The Sentence by Trivium – song review

Trivium has always been one of those polarizing metal bands. People either love or hate them. Even though I jumped very late to Trivium hype train I found myself enjoying lot of their work. Shogun is in my opinion one of the best metal albums of all time and later albums aren’t that much far. Some Trivium fans have critized band for their new approach. More polished and “poppier” sound. Honestly. I found myself enjoying even those records.

So, Trivium blessed us with new song called “The Sin And The Sentence”. Is “The Sin And The Sentence” any good?


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The World Is Yours by Arch Enemy – song review

Death and Melodic death metal in general have always been hit or miss with me. Sure, I like some classic bands like In Flames, Death, Morbid Angel etc, but if we are talking about genre in general,let’s just say that I was never big fan of it. So, underneath which umbrella Arch Enemy falls you may ask. Well, Arch Enemy has always been my favorite Melodic death metal band. They were the first band from that genre I started liking.

Everything I have heard from Arch Enemy I liked. So, will “The World Is Yours” continue that tradition?


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Praying by Kesha – song review

I will start this review with saying something most of people did not expect me to say. I like Kesha. Yes, I just said that. Metal guy who likes Kesha. I can already say some metal fans calling me bunch of stupid names and saying how I lose all credibility because of me liking Kesha and honestly I don’t care. If I like something I won’t have shame admitting it.

Now, let’s dig right into the review. So how is this new Kesha song “Praying”?



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The Solace System by Epica – song review

Since I started this blog I have been waiting for a moment when I could talk about this band in greater detail. If you know anything about me then you know that alongside Nightwish Epica has always been my #1 artist. So, let’s make little introduction for this amazing band called Epica

Epica is a Dutch symphonic metal band, founded by guitarist and vocalist Mark Jansen after his departure from After Forever. They have released seven albums so far and constantly improved with every released album. “The Holographic Principle” was my favorite album of last year and I had four Epica songs in my top 25 best songs of 2016. Click here for the top 25 list Actually, I had to put four songs per artist rule because without it I would end up with at least eight songs from that album on the list.

In 2017 Epica out of nowhere released single for upcoming EP called “The Solace System”. So is “The Solace System” any good?


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