I Hate To See You This Way by Van Bellman – track review

Let me open up this blog post with this opinion. Vintage sounding songs can be really cool when done right.

This Van Bellman song, I Hate To See You This Way, is a great example of it. This song hits all the sweet spots for me. Fantastic chorus? Check. Amazing production? Check. Great vocal performance? Check.

So, let’s go more in detail why I think this song is so fantastic and why I think you need to listen to it right now. Song opens up with great very distorted guitar riff reminiscent of something White Stripes would write. Drum groove and bass line are pretty simple but they are locked down so well that it adds a lot to the song. Whole verse builds up to the chorus so well where the whole song explodes. Love the layered vocals during the chorus especially.

Production is another fantastic aspect of this song. Everything posses a shit ton of punch, especially guitars. Drums sound fantastic, especially snare drum. Just listen to it. It packs a lot of punch.

The theme of “I Hate To See You This Way” focuses on the pain of watching someone you love go down a dark road, witnessing them self-destruct. Anyone can relate to this heartbreaking and helpless feeling, whether they have played the role of the nurse or the patient.

Van Bellman’s vocal performance suits this song really well too. He is not trying for some out of this world notes which would not fit at all. His vocals are very passionate and fit the mood of the song perfectly.

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