3 new songs you need to check out

Deep River City by Tobias the Owl feat. Laura Veirs

Let’s open up things with a beautiful ballad. This is rather simple but very pretty ballad where every part of it matters quite a bit. Song opens up with a very simple strumming guitar pattern but on top of it, there is a simple yet effective organ line. The best part of this song is that pretty much everything is simple but it never sounds super basic. Every part compliments each other very well.

I really love the chorus of this song. Especially vocal harmonies Laura and Tobias do. They really help elevate this song to another level. Another thing that really adds a lot to this song is short electric guitar lines during the chorus. Really adds a lot to the overall greatness of this song.

Dance by Montebello

This is another ballad but this time on more of a Soul side of things and honestly, it is pretty beautiful too. Everything about the song feels so warm and calming. Song opens up with rhythm guitar and lead guitar playing off of each other right before steady bassline rounds up everything in such a perfect way. Honestly, that bassline is something that gives this song that feeling of warmth. On top of all of that, we have great vocal performance that is so soulful and beautiful that it only makes this great song sound even better.

All of this great stuff and we have not even got to the best part. The guitar solo which is on later part joined with beautiful violin which perfectly fits it. The whole guitar solo is such a perfect match for the song. It does not feel like it’s out of place in it and elevates the song and even greater level.

The Calling by Say I Am

Let’s kick up things quite a bit. If you are still waiting for that new Tool album (Let’s be honest, we will never get it) this will be perfect for you. Tool influence on this song is pretty obvious but it never manages to make it sound like just another Tool wannabe. Honestly, it’s on par with quite a bit of Tool songs. Tool’s influence is most apparent in the way song is structured and in the vocal performance especially vocals in the intro with its staccato-ish performance.

Really love how the song is structured. Every time song “explodes” is very captivating and it’s done in probably best way possible, by making previous moment much softer and quieter.  Overall, this song is absolutely fantastic and I am definitely looking forward to hearing more stuff from this and two previously mentioned artists.


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