4 new songs you need to check out

River Flows by Holly Hyatt

This is great tier Soul song with some of most beautiful vocals I’ve heard all year. River Slows is a textbook definition of feel-good song. Nice steady bassline keeps everything to sound very tight. Saxophone and acoustic guitar play off of each other so well that it brings so much joy to me. There is nothing in this song worthy of a complaint. Every part of the song sounds like it is supposed to be there.


Now, this one is a banger and a half. This is a great example of how to make a simple yet great song that is both very catchy and not annoying or too basic. MONOWHALES has struck a perfect balance between simplicity and basicness. This song will make you feel very happy, at least it did me. Vocals are very joyful and it’s impossible to not just smile while listening to them. I love how energetic song is and how when the chorus comes it everything explodes. This song is the musical equivalent of those bags full of candy and chorus is when it finally breaks.  Fantastic song. Please check it out.

Saviour by Dani Kays feat. Lexi Scatena

Now, let’s talk about some EDM. This song may not be something new or special but its execution is fantastic and what we got is another banger. Song opens up with a great piano melody which then picks up more and more as the song progresses. Really digging lead synth melodies during the verses. A drop is absolutely fantastic and best part of the song by far. Overall, this is a pretty great song that you really need to check out.

Smoke And Mirrors by Micke Kindberg

I’ve saved the best one for the ending(all songs are great, they would not be here if they were not), as you do. And it’s pretty obvious why this one especially struck a chord for me. The best part of this song is how great two vocalists sound together. They sound like they are meant to be together. The chemistry between them to is very high and those vocal harmonies are so tight. Also, harmonica solo was little unexpecting and a really nice touch. The song is consistently great and ending of it so satisfying. People who are into First Aid Kit will really like this one.


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