Stick To You by Novi – track review

Now, this is a great one. A rather unexpected mix of spaghetti western and cool electropop makes this song stand out in a massive way in the bigger scheme of things. There are many things that make this song so great. From fantastic intro whistled melody to synth bass during the verses this song. Really liking little electric guitar part during the bridge. It really adds to the whole spaghetti western vibe this song is going for.


You know that feeling when you listen to all kinds of generic crap to that point that you start thinking do you even like the genre but then comes something that makes you go “Yes, this is what I want, this is what I needed”? Now, this song is exactly that for me.

And even after all of that best thing about this song is Novi herself and her vocal performance. I like how she is not trying too hard to sell this song yet she opts for more subtle and in places sensual performance because that is exactly what this song needs.

I am looking forward to hearing more stuff from her in the future and I suggest you to check her out and this song especially.

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