Me And That Man – Ain’t Much Loving

So, when I have seen that Nergal (front-man of Behemoth) will be making country/folk album I was curious, but also worried. Curious because I wanted to hear how will it sound and worried because that is very dramatic shift of the sound for him, but Marcela Bovio did similar thing last year and I loved that album so I decided to check out what he has been doing with this new project.

So, should I be worried?

Absolutely no. This time Nergal definitely nails this song. Right from the start that statement can be proven. That amazing electric guitar paired up with equally amazing piano sets up the foundation for John Porter and Nergal to give us their best Nick Cave/Johnny Cash impersonations.

Usually if you repeat same sentence a lot of times song will sound very repetitive but for some reason hearing sentence “Ooh, there ain’t much loving anymore” repeated 4 times in first chorus and 8 times in second chorus and then again 4 times in the final chorus  only makes the song to sound even better. Reason is probably Nergal’s amazing vocal delivery. Both John and Nergal sound amazing in this song. Their voices match perfectly which gives this song another level of awesomeness.

One of the best parts of this song is that bluesy guitar solo.Again I have little problem with it. It should definitely be louder. Rhythm guitar with that solo creates match made in heaven(This is kinda funny to say. If you have ever heard single Behemoth song you will know why)

Song has very dark sound which fits the lyrics very good. In my opinion this song tells a story about a man with a broken heart. He is telling to his parents how he will kill himself because of the person that does not feel the same way about him as he is feeling about that person.

Mother, I’m leaving
Mother, I’m gone
It seems like in this world there ain’t much loving anymore

Father, I’m leaving
Father, I’m gone
There’s a billion years I’ve traveled but I finally found my home

Then he says how he will spread the “gospel” how there is no much love anymore for him. How that person is only person he can and will ever love.

I’m gonna sing out my darkness
Sing about my war
I will spread the gospel, there ain’t much loving anymore

At the beginning of the review I said how Nergal definitely nailed the song this time. Reason why I said that is first Me And That Man song called “My Church Is Black”.So let’s compare those two songs.

While “Ain’t Much Loving” is more of a folk song “My Church Is Black” went to full blues road. From harmonica in the intro , acoustic rhythm guitar and Nergal’s vocal delivery “My Church Is Black” sounded like typical blues song. Even though song is pretty good there was nothing new, something that was not done before.

On the other hand “Ain’t Much Loving” takes well made formula of Nick Cave with little bit of Johnny Cash but this time Nergal and John add a lot of their personality to this song

Overall, this is really good song and I would definitely recommend you to check out both songs. This songs gets perfect 5/5.























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