When Doves Cry by Prince

So in honor of Prince getting back on Spotify I decided to review my favorite Prince song “When Doves Cry”.

So what should I say about this monster of a track?

Right from the start this song screams “masterpiece”. From that amazing guitar part to equally amazing piano part this song has one of the best openings I have ever heard in my life.

This is another song with fairly simple instrumentation that compliments the singer very well and Prince manages to use it very good with his great performance. Even though instrumentation is very simple it still has a lot of great moments like for example those great violins and that fantastic piano ending.

Best parts of the song are intro and the and those last 5 seconds of the song. Both of those moments showcase how great instrumentalist Prince was and I do not even need to talk about that amazing guitar solo. Honestly that solo is #2 best guitar solo in pop music ever. Only guitar solo that is better is guitar solo from Beat It by Micheal Jackson. If I could criticize it  I would not put vocals over first part of that solo and here is why:

Guitar solo is the main “weapon” of the song and therefore should have most presence in the mix. Usually whole song builds up to that moment,whole or most of instrumentation in that part is gone and that moment should be most important part of the song, moment that makes or breaks a song. Earlier in this review I mentioned “Beat it” and solo from that song. Notice how every part of that song builds up for that guitar solo. Same thing should have been done on “When Doves Cry”, but that is nit picking and I can live with having vocals over that solo because rest of the song and vocals over the solo are pretty much awesome.

Last minute of the song clearly shows how great singer Prince was. During that part Prince hits one of the highest screams I have ever heard my life. Every time I hear that part I get goosebumps.

Interesting thing about this song is that it has no bass. Making great sounding song without is very hard thing to do. Only other time that happened was Metallica’s album “…And Justice For All”.

Prince wrote this song for his movie Purple Rain. In the film, the song plays under a montage after his character loses his girl (Apollonia) to his rival (Morris – Morris Day of The Time).
The film is semi-autobiographical, but how much is based on real life remains a mystery, as Prince rarely gave interviews and didn’t talk about his personal life. In the movie, the song expresses his fear of becoming like his parents. When the doves cry, that’s his musical refuge – the barrage of keyboards in the chorus represents the doves crying.(Credits:Song facts)

There is no single bad thing about this song and that is why (I do not count that little thing with solo as a problem) I am giving it perfect score 5/5.



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