Wanderer by Red Handed Denial

Red Handed Denial is Canadian progressive metal/Djent band from Toronto. In 2009 they released their debut EP called “Eyes and Liquid Skies”. This EP sounded like more complex Paramore from their debut album “All We Know is Falling”. EP features some really good guitar and drum works and Lauren vocals are good despite her being only 18 when EP was recorded.  Their debut EP was followed by their debut album “Stories Of Old” and right at the start you can hear how much they improved as  a band, especially Lauren. She improved in both growling/screaming and clean vocals a lot. Her vocals have much more personality. She sounds less like Hayley Williams and more like Lauren Babic. So what do we get from Red Handed Denial with this new EP called Wanderer?


Guess what? This EP is best Red Handed Denial release so far. Once again they improved a ton. Compositions are much better, songs flow much better and somehow Lauren sounds even better. This statement can be proven with the opening song “Manipulator” and that song is not even the best song of the EP. That shows how much good this EP is also bass in this song is pretty good.

Somehow they managed to make this EP to be very heavy and very melodic at the same time. Vocal melodies are one of the best I have ever heard in my life. Growling/screaming vocals are great too.

Then we get to the arguably best song of the EP “Trespasser”. This song features a lot less of screaming/growling vocals than rest of the song but that is ok. Reason why this song is great is the chorus where band let’s Lauren to use her voice to the fullest. Another reason why this song is great is that breakdown after the chorus. Holy shit, that breakdown might be one of my favorite breakdowns.(Also that music video is pure fun)

After “Trespasser” we get to the “Patronizer” which features Eric July. Instrumental-wise this song reminds me of “Manipulator” a little bit which is only a good thing. Both Eric and Lauren sound amazing on this song but best part of the song is definitely guitar solo which serves as great introduction for final chorus.

There is some kind of thinking in metal community that female vocalists should not do screaming/growling vocals and to those people I would say that they listen to Red Handed Denial and their song “Collector”. I do not remember when was the last time someone blew me away like she did on that song. Oh yeah I know. It was Angela Gossow and that was 3 years ago.

EP is closed by beautiful instrumental title track. Guitar work in this song is fantastic. Rhythm guitar and lead guitar match perfectly. This song is very relaxing which fits the album perfectly. After 5 very heavy and aggressive songs having closing track to be very relaxing is very good thing.It serves as great resting track so you can start the EP again. This EP is 25 minutes of pure awesomeness and I can not wait for their sophomore album.

Overall this EP is fantastic and that is why I give it 9/10. You should definitely check it out.

Here are track ratings:


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