Call of Destiny by Xandria

There are 3 things that matter the most when it comes to Symphonic metal. Those 3 things are choir,singer and how choir and singer sound together. xandria_logo

Xandria usually manages to get all three part right but with this song they almost got it again. Chorus of the song is best and worst part of the song. It sounds very good but there is one thing that keeps pissing me off. Its mixing. Why would you almost hide Dianne’s vocals behind the choir? She doesn’t need that. She is singer capable of singing everything. Just listen to some of the recordings of her singing opera and you will understand why she doesn’t need that.

Now that we cleared out bad part let’s talk about great parts. Instrumentation of this song is really good. From keyboard solo in the intro from guitars in the verses. Post chorus breakdown serves as great build up for that amazing guitar solo. Dianne’s performance is beyond amazing in this song. Those projected vocals before the chorus are beautiful. Honestly after Floor Jansen Dianne Van Giesbergen might be second best female vocalist in metal and she totally showed that in this song.

Reason why this song is better than previous single “We Are Murderers” is that they are not trying to sound like someone else. In “We Are Murderers” it was obvious that they were trying to sound like modern Epica and Wishmaster era Nightwish. Even Dianne does not sound like she usually sounds. Call Of Destiny is basically contrary to We Are Murderers. First one is very happy and upbeat while other one is very heavy and very slow.

Now, lets talk about lyrics. Look, lyrics were never big part of the reason why I like this genre. If a song sounds good lyrics can be ignored and that’s the case with this song. Lyrics of this song seems like random words thrown together with only one cause and that is too sound good which is as I said completely ok thing.

Overall this is a great song and that’s why I give it 4/5. Definitely check it out.


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