Familiar Hell by Battle Beast-song review

Lets talk about “selling out”. If band decides to change their sound and make it lot softer does that count as “selling out”? Absolutely no. Then why am I mentioning it you may ask. Because I can already see people calling Battle Beast “sellouts” because of this song and King For A Day.King For A Day is great song, it was on my best songs of 2016 list but Familiar Hell is somehow even better.


First let’s compare those two songs. “Familiar Hell”is more softer and it has 80’s AC/DC vibe while “King For A Day” is more of a ABBA meets power metal song but there is something that both songs share(other than being great songs) and that is  great vocals of Noora Louhimo. I remember first time I have heard her vocals. I was playing League of Legends and listening to Spotify Radio. Their song Black Ninja started playing. Then chorus came and holy shit she literally blew me away. I had to see what was the song playing and while doing it I died in my League Of Legends game, but it was totally worth it.

This is one of the catchiest metal songs I have ever heard in my life. I have had chorus of the song stuck in my head for whole week. I do not think there is single bad part of this song. Everything works perfectly. From awesome lead guitar parts, great vocal parts(also that “spoken” part before the  final chorus is awesome) and that guitar solo.

Now, some of you may ask how very simple lead guitar parts can be awesome. Them being simple is main reason why I consider them as awesome. Sometimes having fairly simple guitar parts can benefit the song a lot. With fairly simple instrumentation vocals get a lot of “space” which for this band and this song is something they need to do more. When you have arguably one of the best female vocalists of this generation that is capable of singing very high notes you simply must give her more “space”. Familiar Hell is one of the songs that gets better with every listen. After every listen I discover small part that manages to blow me away.

Just like guitar parts, songwriting is fairly simple too. This song is basically about guy living in a “Familiar Hell”. It reminds him of a heaven but it isn’t. He desperately wants to get out of this hell so much that he is willing to give his sanity

I’m stranded in this paradise

So tell me what to sacrifice

To get out of this tragedy

I’ll offer sanity It’s familiar hell

That of an unknown heaven

Only one voice behind every choice

Living under a spell 24 / 7 Turn the lights on tonight

When we add everything this is absolutely amazing song. Yes lyrics could be better but after all this is power metal. Lyrics were never something that you should pay that much of an attention. This song gets 5/5 and definite recommendation. You simply must hear this even if you are not fan of power metal or metal in general.




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