Who Bit The Moon by David Maxim Micic album review

David Maxim Micic is guitar/keyboard player,composer, producer from Belgrade,Serbia and a composition student at Berklee College. In 2011 he released his debut EP called “Bilo”. It was good debut EP which showed a lot of potential for what is about to come after it. Lead guitar parts were easily best part of Bilo EP. Another good thing about his first EP is how he uses vocals of Aleksandra Djelmash. He makes them sound like another instrument. I like how his music has big ambient feel and it can serve as perfect stress relief because it is very relaxing..

Next year David released his sophomore EP called Bilo 2.0 and improvement is very easy to hear. His guitar playing is much more refined and lead guitar parts are even better. Closing track is a masterpiece. And then something happened. It was 2013 and Bilo 3.0 was released. Jump in quality from Bilo 2.0 to Bilo 3.0 was insane. It was like jump Pantera did from Power Metal to “Cowboys From Hell”. Only difference is that  “Bilo 2.0” was great. Honestly Bilo 3.0 will be considered as a classic in near future.

Guitar tone on this EP is almost perfect. Choosing favorite song from this EP is almost impossible because I would pick every song that is not “Nostalgia”. Do not get me wrong “Nostalgia” is pretty good too, but others are a lot better.


After “Bilo 3.0” he released two more EPs “Eco” and “Ego”. Both of those EPs were very good with “Ego” being little bit better. They were on same level as “Bilo 2.0”. In 2017 David released his debut album called “Who Bit The Moon”. So what do we get from this new album?


Right on the start I will say that this album is pretty good maybe even amazing. You can hear that right in the intro track called “Milk Tooth”. It perfectly sets up the mood for the album and transition from “Milk Tooth” to “Someone  Else’s Hat” is perfect. They sound like one song.  “Someone Else’s Hat” has beautiful atmosphere and that sound explosion around second minute only helps.  Guitar riffs on this song are very good just like that guitar solo in last portion of the song.

Next after “Someone Else’s Hat” is “Living Room” and holy shit what a great opening this song has. Clean guitar riffs set up perfect mood for rest of the song and yet again amazing guitar solo perfectly rounds up the song. “Beaver Moon” serves as really good interlude for rest of the album and then we get to the “687 Days” probably second best song of the album. This song is example of a perfect instrumental song. It has everything one instrumental song needs to have. Great atmosphere which is made of great guitar relaxing guitar parts and equally great keyboard parts, very slow progression only makes the song sound better.

I love production on this album. Very clean production sometimes can harm album’s sound a lot but for some reason it fits this album perfectly. Guitar tone on this album is even better than on “Bilo 3.0” EP.

Best thing about David’s music is how he likes to include bits of traditional music from different countries. From Irish bagpipes in “Bilo” to lead guitar parts that could easily be part of a lot of ex-Yugoslavian folk songs in this new album “Who Bit The Moon” and “Bilo 2.0”


Writing great guitar solo is very hard thing to do. You need to “know” every part of the guitar and that is problem lot of guitar players have, but do you know what is even harder? Writing great guitar solo that matches the song perfectly. That is what divides good and great guitar players. David Maxim Micic on this album showed how great guitar player he really is with exactly that. Writing great guitar solos that perfectly match the song. Listen to guitar solo in “Living Room” and you will see how good that guitar solo matches with overall mood of the song.

Now, I will make a weirdest connection ever. David Maxim Micic is SOPHIE of Djent. Both SOPHIE’s and David work is either loved or hated, both of their work is very weird for most of the people and both of them have a lot of electronic stuff going around. This statement can be proven on the song called “Damar”. It is very weird song. Lot of short downpicked guitar parts with equally weird keyboard parts and yet again those 2 parts match perfectly with each other and with that little guitar solo on the end of the song.

Nobody’s Perfect sounds like continuation of previous song “Damar” which is perfect for an album like this. Actually whole album sounds like one big song perfectly parted in 9 parts.


This album possibly could not get any better but somehow did. You may ask how and answer is with closing song being its best song. Yes,title track is straight up amazing. I mean other songs are pretty good too but there is something about closing track. Remember how I said that David likes to include bits of traditional music from other countries? That is the reason why this song is best of the album. That guitar run around third minute is best moment of whole album. Very good keyboard which is played in the background makes everything sound better.

Then we get to the violin part which is equally beautiful as that guitar part. Between those 2 there was great keyboards which served as perfect foundation for violins. Actually everything serves as perfect foundation for parts that are about to come. This song was perfect for the ending. It has biggest sound and it serves as album “credits”



I can see myself using this album as background music for studying. It does not require fully commitment while listening to it and as I previously mentioned it serves as great stress relief because it is very relaxing.

I went into this album with big expectations and I was not disappointed at all. I did not expect him to top “Bilo 3.0” because that is extremely hard task to do. That would be like if Nightwish topped “Imaginareum” which is arguably their biggest and best album to this date. That is same for David, but actually he was very close to do it. That is why “Who Bit The Moon” gets strong 9/10 and big recommendation. Seriously you need to hear this album it is great.


You can buy “Who Bit The Moon” and David’s other releases on Bandcamp

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