Burial by Baby Fuzz track review

How often do you listen to a song and it sounds like most boring and flat thing ever? Well, this Baby FuzZ song is not like that. It’s actually quite the opposite. With his new song really shows how to make a great anthemic punk song, something in the vein of Jeff Rosenstock or something similar. 

The song opens up with just acoustic guitar playing basic chords with a pretty gentle vocal performance by Baby FuzZ himself. It builds up pretty well up to the chorus where the whole climax pays off really well. 

The tune goes from 0 to 10 quickly as the chorus comes roaring in and builds in a driving cacophony of guitar distortion. The whole climax of the song is so satisfying even though vocal performance is pretty nasal but honestly, it adds even more to the song. It makes it sound very passionate.

The best part of the song is definitely its last minute and a half. Fantastic bridge followed by fantastic outro. We get little bit of jumpy bass, vocal melodies and driving drum beat to spice up the mix

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