I Don’t Need Your Love by Cassandra Maze – track review

Cassandra Maze is an upcoming Canadian pop artist that really surprised me with this song. Great catchy melodies mixed with a fantastic vocal performance that does not sound flat. This is a fantastic electropop song with a cool tropical vibe that does not overstay its time at all. Exactly that tropical synth melody is what makes this song sound so good. Even if that same melody makes it sound kinda dated it does not make me like it any less which is actually very surprising.

There is a lot of bits of this song that I really like. Like, the pre-chorus for example with great doubled vocal tracks and cool guitar that perfectly builds up to the drop. That whole build up does not feel predictable which tends to happen a lot. Even though the drop is probably “worst” part of the song it is actually pretty solid. Sure, pitched up vocal tracks may sound annoying to some people, that tends to happen a lot of times to me, in this song they really don’t.

Cassandra’s singing on this song is another reason why this song works so well for me. She sounds so confident in her singing. She is the force to be reckoned with. Her vocal performance is full of natural charisma which she posses in spades. I believe every single word she sings in the song.


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