Wild Wild West by Nixo – track review

This song blew me away right from the first listen. Nixo oozes with confidence and it’s very obvious if you listen to even 10 seconds of this amazing song. He is definitely the best part of this song. His fantastic, thrilling and fluid acrobatic vocal performance is what makes this song sound so great. He has probably one of best falsettos I have ever heard in my life. Just listen to the chorus of this song and you will hear what I’m talking about. It’s absolutely magnificent.

I feel like fans of Panic! At The Disco will really like this one. In fact, Nixo kinda reminds me of Brendon Urie in some moments of the song while still sounding like himself.

Instrumentation of this song is also pretty fantastic and it has one thing I always fucking adore and keep raving about. Just listen to how instrumentation rhythmically follows vocals during the pre-chorus. That pre-chorus is also such a great foreplay to the chorus. I really like how there is little bridge during the chorus which is followed by the second part of the chorus. The outro of this song is absolutely fantastic. That same chorus is layered with Mike Patton-esque vocal insanity. I adore it.

Overall this is such a vibrant and hooky pop tune with gusty vocals and an attitude reminiscent of the best pop male vocalists of the day

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