It’s My Show by Broken Baby – track review

Post-Punk usually is not my thing personally, but every once in a while I come around song or album I fall in love with. It’s My Show by Broken Baby is exactly one of those songs. This is exactly kind of post-punk I tend to love. Very energetic with driving bassline and fantastic vocal performance this song has a lot to offer. Fans of Franz Ferdinand will definitely love this.

bbb.PNGSong opens up with an already mentioned driving bass line which is underlined by cool guitar licks that really add a lot to the overall greatness of the song. Little things like that one are why I love this song so much. Amber and Alex have so much synergy when singing together it’s unbelievable. They sound like they are meant one for another. Speaking of Amber, her vocal performance on this song is honestly fantastic. It’s full of personality and energy. Something that song definitely needed to round it up.

Overall, this song is absolutely fantastic and I wanna literally beg you to check it out.

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