My, My, My by Ritzy Park – track review

Ritzy Park is up and coming band from Berlin, Germany that has caught my attention recently with their newest single called My, My, My and surprised me quite a lot. So, let’s talk about the song and why do I think it’s pretty great.


The whole vibe of this song is something that is the main appeal of it in my opinion. It has this laid-back vibe which I dig quite a lot and you expect it to make a massive transition into much heavier sound and even though it does not it ends on a very nice note.

The song starts with this very nice electric guitar riff reminiscent of glory days of 90’s grunge. By the time vocals come in you expect very rough and raspy voice but instead, you are hit with very calm and extremely pleasant female voice.

Really like how they took care that song does not sound flat and has actual dynamics in the mix. Even though I would personally make the second chorus even louder but in this state, it’s still pretty good. Speaking of the chorus, really like how well backing and main vocals sound together.

All throughout song they continue that already mentioned laid-back vibe and even with a solo which is nothing super flashy but it fits the song perfectly.

Is this anything new or something that “reinvents the wheel”? No, absolutely not, but its execution is so good that even with its obvious influences can stand on its own as a really good alternative rock song.

If I had to nitpick a little bit I would say that drums a tiny bit too loud in the mix during the verses but that does not make me like the song less so it’s ok.

I’m looking forward to what they release in the future and I encourage you to give them a chance.



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