Musical perfections: I’ve Got A Feeling by Kasandra

It was 1995 and Croatia was in the middle of dance-pop craze with acts such as E.T. which stands for Electro Team (yes that was their name), Sandi Cenov, Minea etc and then seemingly out of nowhere new artists steps on the scene. Kasandra with a single that will go down in history as one of best songs of that whole era and deservedly get her status of “Queen of Cro-Dance”.

So what do I think of this song?


I mean, by the title of this post you could already assume what I think of this song. This song is absolute perfection. Everything about is magnificent, extremely catchy. It’s the definition of an earworm. I have literally listened to this song more than 50 times and I am still not tired of it. I get tired of most songs already on 10th listen in short period of time but this one managed to endure to 50th and I don’t see it becoming tired any soon. It’s that good. One of the best songs of all time if you ask me.

Straight out of the gate I have to say this, Kasandra is an amazing singer. She has a very expressive deep voice which she uses very well on this song. Best parts of the songs are parts in which she goes into deepest sections of her range. It gives her lot of personality which this song already has in spades, but still why not add more if you can? She really knows how to sell a song. Her voice is very sensual when it needs to be.

Chorus of this song is absolutely fantastic and reason, why it is so good, can be traced to two things:

  1. That fucking pre-chorus.
  2. That driving bassline, which admittedly could be a little bit higher in the mix, but that’s a very minor complaint, to be honest

Now, let’s talk about instrumentation. Song opens up with this buzzing synth and marching drum beat which is a perfect way to open this song. There are quite a bit of little things that make this song so amazingly produced like for example how synths rhythmically follow Kasandra’s vocals on a few parts or that “Ski ki kidaju me plave oči tvoje” part in first few seconds of the chorus. Speaking of synths, synth work in this whole song is outstanding. They are so catchy and captivating which is the main reason, other than Kasandra’s vocal performance, why I am able to listen to this non-stop without being tired of it.

It sucks that Kasandra has only released one album in her career. She had a ton of potential and honestly could release a masterpiece of an album. The only album she has released is fantastic, but I think she could release something even better if she did not for some reason just simply disappear. She has kind of become never solved mystery of Croatian pop culture. Nobody knows what’s happening with her. Last time anyone heard of her was in 2007. There are many rumors going around some completely ludicrous, some very possible.

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