Prequelle by Ghost – album review

Finally, it’s here. After 3 years Ghost is back with yet another album. 3 years after amazing album that was Meliora. An album that was highly praised by critics and audience. An album that broke through Ghost. Singles from Meliora such as Cirice, From The Pinnacle to The Pit, and He Is were on constant rotation everywhere around the world.

So, how do you follow up an album like that? An album that made you famous and was beloved by almost everyone.

Let’s find out did they *cough*or did Tobias *cough* manage to meet the expectations they have set with Meliora. Shall we?


Well, he did not fully meet expectations,(he got very close though) that were set by their previous album Meliora, but this is still great album which proves that Ghost is still one of best metal bands at this moment. The album opens up with intro track called Ashes which strangely enough has the almost same melody as the melody from one kids “song” from my childhood we called “ringe ringe raja”. It’s not an actual song, it’s more of a “song” that is part of the game but I digress. I hope you understood what I was trying to say.

After that, we get to the first single of this album, song Rats. Which I loved right from the first listen. Classic Ghost riffage, Cardinal Copia very captivating vocal performance especially in the chorus.

My only problem with their previous album Meliora was that in some tracks drums, more precisely, cymbals sounded pretty bad but on this album, they really fixed that. Faith is the best example of that.

Just listen to that song or any of songs from Meliora and you will hear what I am talking about. Rest of the kit was pretty good produced on Meliora which is the case here too.

This album features two instrumental tracks. Miasma and Helvetesfonster. Let’s talk about first one, Miasma.  In my opinion, this is probably weakest song of this album. It just does not captures my attention in the same way most of the other songs from this album do. Yeah, sure guitar solo and keyboard solo are pretty good, but up to that point, the song is pretty uninteresting. Don’t get me wrong it’s not a bad song, it’s just a worst one on the album which says a lot about the greatness of this album since even this song has quite a bit of good stuff in it. Besides already mentioned guitar and keyboard solos, saxophone parts are amazing and probably the best part of it. Yeah sure, one guitar part sounds exactly like a guitar from  Beat  It by Micheal Jackson, but it’s not that much of a big deal since it’s like only two power chords.

Danse Macabre was the second single of off this album and honestly, I’ve never hated this song. Yeah, it’s cheesy as fuck. Might even be Ghost’s cheesiest song to this date which says a lot, but I don’t know I like it quite a lot. It has a kickass solo, it’s catchy as fuck. It’s essentially glam metal power ballad and it rules. I don’t hate glam metal.
I like Danse Macabre.

preuzmi (2).jpg

Pro Memoria is as cheesy as best Swiss cheese but I love it so much, just like Swiss cheese it’s the best kind of it. It sounds like something that Sabaton would make if they were into satanism instead of WW2.

Witch Image is pretty basic sounding but omg there are so many beautiful elements in it. From that flute(I think it’s flute) melody to Cardinal Copia’s great vocal performance this song screams beautiful.

One question. Does anyone care for Ghost’s lyrics? Because I sure do not at least for the most part. For me they are there to enhance the “spooky” and “sinister” vibe music is trying to portray. Sure some of the lyrics from this album are pretty cringe-worthy but like, that was always the case.

Album closer Life Eternal is such a perfect way to finish the album. It feels like hangings of the theater are slowly closing. So yeah, this album is a very enjoyable experience

Overall, this is another pretty good album from one of the best metal bands at this moment. If you for some reason did not check it out I highly recommend you do.

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