Top 15 best albums of 2017

2017 was very weird year. It was a year of some serious improvements from artists I have never expected to see and some serious disappointments from some very established artists whose previous work I loved and still do *cough* Kendrick Lamar *cough*. Charlie Puth released two fantastic very similar songs with amazing bass lines(Attention and How Long), Shawn Mendes had There’s Nothing Holding Me Back and Kesha got even better with her newest album Rainbow especially with songs such as Praying, Let ’em Talk and Woman.

If we are talking solely about albums this year might be worse than last one, but still I can not deny how many great albums came out this year. So.let’s start with some albums that did not make the list but I wanted to give some attention to.

Harry Styles by Harry Styles


Honestly, when this album was announced I did not expect it to be any good. I was never big fan of One Direction nor Harry in particular. But, then Sign Of The Times came out and I was floored. First time I heard the song my jaw dropped. I could not believe how this good lead off single was. It was on my constant rotation for months. If you wanna read my review of Sign Of The Times you can do it here

Other songs from the album were very close to the greatness of Sign Of The Times. Songs that stood out to me the most were probably very Rolling Stones sounding Only Angel and Artic Monkeys sounding song called Kiwi.

The Sin And The Sentence by Trivium


Trivium is back and almost stronger than ever. Honestly,  after Shogun this might be their best album to this date. This album from front to back is filled with some really good songs that represent Trivium’s career all the way from Ember To Inferno to this album, but by far best part of this album is Matt’s singing. He sounds better than ever. Even better than on Shogun which says a lot about his performance on this album. Guitar riffs are as good as they are on your standard Trivium album, really good and drumming work of new drummer Alex Bent is like rapid fire. Let’s hope they will for once stay with one sound instead of trying to do 100 different things they aren’t that good at *cough* The Crusade *cough*

Will To Power by Arch Enemy


I have very weird relationship with Arch Enemy. In general, I dig their sound quite a lot, but holy fucking shit are some of their lyrics cringefest lot of times. This manifests throughout their whole career with songs such as Nemesis, No Gods No Masters,We Will Rise, War Eternal etc. They always try to write these “inspirational” songs or are trying to be way too edgy. This album falls under that umbrella too and it really shows that they need new writing material. Both lead off singles had some very cringe worthy lyrics, especially Eagle Flies Alone. Now you must be asking “Then what is this doing here?” Well, I love how this album sounds. Musically. this album is very different than War Eternal in that sense that they took away all flashines that was brought in by adding some symphonic metal. This album features much more of lead guitar melodies and it takes much more influence from Power metal. On a side note this is first Arch Enemy that features song where clean vocals are major part which I always wanted to hear so that’s a big plus.

Prevail I by Kobra and The Lotus


Kobra and The Lotus are first of artists from this list that I found in 2017 and I am glad that I did. This may be pretty straightforward album, but it’s very enjoyable one with very good singing courtesy of Kobra Paige and very solid guitar work which is done by two guitar players Jasio Kulakowski and Marcus Lee. Now, I am gonna make very weird comparison with which many of people might disagree but Kobra Paige reminds me a lot of Shakira especially way she does vocal infections and her upper range is very similar to Shakira’s. Overall this is very good album and I am curious how will Prevail II turn out to be.

Brutalism by IDLES


This album could easily be called Comedy Show:The Album because from lyrical standpoint this is probably most interesting and funniest album I have heard this year. This album has so many quotable lines. Songs like Date Night, Well Done, Heel/Heel and Mother. This is one of most British albums I have ever heard in my life. Lot of influences from early 70s British punk and references to British politics are very good proof of that. Band that IDLES reminds me the most of is Sex Pistols especially Joe Talbot’s vocal delivery is very Johnny Rotten.

Theater of Dimensions by Xandria


I was never big fan of Xandria. They always sounded to me like lesser version of Nightwish with not so good singer. But, that changed all out sudden with release of their 6th album Sacrificium from 2014. Even though biggest reason they got good could be traced back to their new singer Dianne Van Giesbergen Xandria improved as a band too. Nigthwish influence was still very strong, but personality wise they got much better. They were on good path to develop their own sound by adding some elements of folk into their sound. This album feels like continuation of previous album Sacrificium. From very Rhapsody Of fire sounding opening to Epica influenced We Are Murderers this album has a lot to offer.Dianne’s performance is better than ever, guitar work is very good maybe sometimes too chuggy for my taste but I can live with that.  Orchestral parts are fantastic. But there is one problem that appeared on Sacrificium too and that is mixing. I don’t get why are choirs parts mixed on same or sometimes even higher level than Dianne’s vocals. That is most prominent on songs like Call Of Destiny and Death of The Holy. Dianne is fantastic singer and she does not need to be hidden behind choir. Choir is supposed to be support of the main singer not other way around. Another thing that kept this album from making proper list are lyrics. I know, I know what are you gonna say. Symphonic metal isn’t genre isn’t genre you go into for lyrics, but still some of lyrics from this album are bad even for those standards and when you have bands like Nigthwish and Epica writing really good lyrics other bands should at least try to follow them. For example this verse from Ship Of Doom. They didn’t even fucking try to write good verse

One, two, three, four – can you hear the cannons roar
Five, six, seven, eight – it has been too long a wait
Nine, ten, eleven, twelve – now we need to raise some hell
So now sing with us

First time I heard this verse my jaw literally dropped. I was shocked how bad and cheesy this actually is.

Side note: Guess what did Xandria do few months after release of this album? They kicked out Dianne and got new singer which is mediocre as fuck which is so lovely. I wonder how awful their next album will be.



St.Vincent is another artist I got into this year. Before this album dropped I have heard her self tilted album but I came out off that listen kinda underwhelmed. Thankfully, this album made me wanna go back to that and it grew on me. Now, this album is even better than self tilted album. It consists of some of the catchiest songs of the year like for example Pills and Los Ageless. Listening to this album I got feeling that this album is intentionally kinda dumb and very sexual but it’s very self aware of it. Take song “Pills” for example. On surface it has very dumb lyrics but if you dig deeper it’s very clever commentary on medic industry and human addiction towards medical.  St. Vincent is fantastic guitar player and she shows her talent on some of tracks on this album like for example Los Ageless, Hang On Me, Pills etc. St. Vincent’s guitar tone has to one of my favorite guitar tones ever. It’s very fuzzy but never too fuzzy. She really knows how to dance around the limits and push her sound into new territories

Now that we have honorable mentions out of our way we should dive straight into actual list. Starting with:

#15-Darkness Will Rise by The Raven Age


Now , this is a new metal band I can stand behind and wanna see getting more popular. I remember seeing them live two summers ago when they opened for Iron Maiden in Split, Croatia. Long story short that show made me wanna check them out. So, naturally I had very high expectations for this album and they actually met them. This is very modern sounding metal album which to some people might be huge fire alarm, but believe me this is very very good modern metal album. You can clearly hear that The Raven Age were very inspired by later Trivium especially in their song crafting, It has very chuggy guitar work, at times maybe too chuggy. but I don’t mind it that much. Michael Burrough is singer that more people should pay attention to. His very convincing and charismatic vocals are all over this album and help to evolve lot of songs into something greater than it would be if they had some average singer. If I had to say something negative about this album then that would be that this album is too bloated. It didn’t have to be 74 minutes long. If 2 or 3 songs from this album were cut off this would be much higher on my ranking. Maybe even in top 10, but still this is very good album with some of the best songs of this year. Definitely worth of your time.

#14-Mareridt by Myrkur


Myrkur is musical project of Danish musician and actress Amalie Bruun. She was part of some dumb controversy after the release of her first album because of “cultrural appropriation”, but this is not time for me to discuss it so let’s leave that behinf and talk about actual music. From a musical standpoint this is one of the most beautiful sounding albums of the year. Myrkur’s vocals match with very atmospheric instrumentation very well creating this extremely relaxing mood. As I already mentioned, this album isn’t reinventing the wheel in any sense but it’s still very enjoyable record. If someone asked me to describe this album in shortest way possible  I would tell that this album sounds like if Lana Del Rey went full on Gothic sounding Black metal.

This album combines elements of Atmospheric Black metal and Dark Folk. From very Chelsea Wolfe influenced songs like The Serpent and Crown to full on Black metal tracks like  Måneblôt this album has a lot to offer. Chelsea Wolfe even appears on one songs on this album, Funeral and together with Myrkur create this beautiful  and very haunting track which is one of standalone tracks of this album.  Production of this album did wonders to make it sound this way. Especially vocal production. Myrkur’s voice sounds very haunting, beautiful and engaging. Every time electric guitar appears it’s very crunchy but not too crunchy and atmospheric elements aren’t too atmospheric to that point that they turn into background music.

#13-Laila’s Wisdom by Rapsody


Before I start this one I would like to put little disclaimer. I am not that much of a hip hop fan nor I know much about it and its culture so take everything I say about this album with grain of salt.I have heard this album only few weeks ago and I have a feeling if I have heard this album when it came out it would be much higher on this list. Rapsody is such a charismatic rapper with good talent for wordplay. Features are very good everybody from Kendrick Lamar on Power all the way to Anderson Paak on OooWeee. Even Busta Rhymes had very good verse on You Should Know.

#12 -Apex by Unleash The Archers


Now this was the album I was extremely hyped up for. After hearing their previous album Time Stands Still and being lowkey blown away by sheer amount of awesomeness that it contained I could not wait to hear how will they follow it up. Honestly, first time I heard this album I was very underwhelmed but,more listens I gave it more I started liking and eventually started loving it. This album is much more trashier than their previous album and Britney’s vocals are much more reserved but still reach very high peaks. That might be main reason why initially I wasn’t big fan of this album. I expected another Time Stands Still, but I got different album. At this moment I think Apex is better album than Time Stands Still though. It’s more consistent and less cheesy than Time Stands Still.

Drum work of this album is even better than on previous release and bass lines are very good.  Standout tracks are definitely Awakening, Cleanse The Bloodlines and The Matriarch.

#11-To The Bone by Steven Wilson


This was another album I was hyped up for quite a lot. After enjoying his previous album Hand. Cannot. Erase quite a lot and being casual fan of Porcupine Tree I could not wait for release of this album. It totally met my expectations. This album is full of masterful and beautiful compositions with some of the best melodies I have heard all year. Steven might not be most engaging singer of our generation but he is very good at conveying emotion and he does that very convincingly.  I am glad Steven decided to have Ninet Tayeb on this album again because her vocal performance helped evolve some of the songs to whole new level of awesomeness.

This is Steven’s first true pop record. Hand. Cannot Erase still had some hints of early Steven Wilson solo albums but on this one he fully embraced 80s pop kid that was in him all this years. Just listen to one of singles from this album, Permanating. It’s obvious how much he was influenced ABBA especially in making of that song.

Ultimate reason why this album did not make top 10 is because of two reasons:

  1. By the time album hits Song Of I it starts to lose lot of it momentum and it falls flat on its face
  2. There are some very cringe worthy lyrics. For example this line:

I’m tired of Facebook

But, let’s be honest, what is Steven Wilson album without cringe worthy lines? Hand. Cannot.Erase had them too and it was great album.

3. His falsetto. This is probably problem that left least impact of my enjoyment of the album but if I was him I would not use it. It’s very very thin and it doesn’t fit with the instrumentation at all.

But, at the end of the day stuff on this album that is great is really really great. Some of the best Steven’s work is on this album too. Songs like The Same Asylum As Before or title track are true standouts of this album and one of those best Steven’s songs.

#10-Lovely Little Lonely by The Maine


Hey guys, look, actually really good modern pop punk album. Someone call the press. To be honest this is more of a pop album than punk album but still this is album I did not expect to like yet alone have it in top 10 of best albums of the year. It seems like this album received kinda mixed reception. I have seen people loving it and people finding it to be very boring.

Listening to this album I had a feeling that I am on some kind of beach party where everyone is having a lot of fun. Also, I feel like to get fully experience out of this album you really need to listen to it on some kind of beach and let yourself enjoy the music and everything that surrounds you.

This album is just album full of great upbeat melodies with some moody interludes which in complete creates very good flow. This album might have some of best album flows I have heard this year and that is all because of already mentioned three interludes Lovely,Little and Lonely.

Production of this album is another great part. Everything sounds like it is in its place. Guitar effects are perfectly picked and they fit every single song. Vocal production is  very good and it really makes John O’Callaghan to sound great.

One thing that I like a lot about this album are backing vocals. Song “Do You Remember” is best example of that. Way how backing vocals and John O’Callaghan’s vocals match is fantastic. Also little solo this song has is pretty good. Just like bridge of “Taxi” it’s short but sweet.

I wish other pop punk albums were remotely close to this album quality wise so maybe then genre would not have such bad name . But, who knows what will happen in future.

#9-After Laughter by Paramore


Paramore has always been band I liked quite a lot. I still stand by Brand New Eyes being peak of pop punk and some of the best albums of this century so far and their self tilted isn’t much far from it. After Laughter is logical continuation of Paramore’s sound. Second I heard Paramore s/t I expected next album to sound very similar to this. Their self tilted albums seems to be transitional album between more pop punkier sound they established on first three albums and full on pop/new wave sound they crafted on After Laughter.

This is one of those albums where you can just ignore the lyrics and treat it as fun and very dance-y 80’s synth pop and new wave album or you can treat it as very personal and honest showcase of everyday life of Paramore.

Hayley vocal performance on this album is a lot different than on albums like Riot! or Brand New Eyes. Her vocals on those albums were much more aggressive and  she used to “yell” on those records like she mentioned on their interview with Zane Lowe(by the way, great interview go and watch it, Zane is great interviewer), while on this album her vocal performance is much more “cuteish”. Something in the style of Carly Rae Jepsen and honestly it fits the sound of the album really good. Also, those very accented vocals she does in songs like “Hard Times” “Fake Happy” are one of the reasons which made those songs to stand out for me.

This album plays with your feelings a lot. You don’t know are you feeling happy because instrumentation is very happy and cheerful or are you feeling sad because songwriting is very personal and sad. The song that does that the most is “Fake Happy”. It starts very sad with just acoustic guitar and Hayley singing in very sad and almost whispering tone. Then all of the sudden turns into very cheerful pop song, but with with sad lyrics. Honestly, first few times I listened to it every time I would end up being confused.

Side note: This is probably my favorite album cover of the year and it represents overall sound of the album very good.

#8-Outrage Is Now! by Death From Above 1979

LDD11517_ (1).jpg

This is another band I found out in 2017 and I am glad that this was my first exposure to them because their previous album is apparently very mediocre. This album is basically what that awful new Royal Blood album should have been. Are DFA 1979 reinventing the wheel on this album? No, this is pretty standard rock album, but it is really really good executed one. This album is full of very good bass guitar riffs, excellent drum work. Synths in Freeze Me really make that track to stand out from other tracks on this album. They add a lot of catchiness to it and make song overall more enjoyable. What sets apart Death From Above from other guitar-less rock bands is way they treat bass guitar. Lot of similar bands treat bass guitar as standard electric guitar which is so bad if you ask me. If you are gonna play bass guitar like you are playing electric guitar then why don’t you just play electric guitar. DFA’s compositions have a lot of groove and best example of that is song Caught Up. It makes you stay on the edge of the seat all throughout the song and it builds up towards great “explosion”.

Bass tone is absolutely fantastic. It never sounds basic or generic which is also another thing that can be found in similar bands. This album has very big replay value. Every time I listen to this album I have to listen to it at least three times. It’s that good and engaging.  Honestly, with this album  DFA is only band that came remotely close to being as good as White Stripes and their peak albums like White Blood Cells and Elephant.

#7-Eternity,In Your Arms by Creeper


MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE IS BACK! Ok, not exactly back but Creeper is great replacement. I love melodrama. I love how epic, big emotional and cathartic it can get. In fact this won’t be only time I will be discussing melodrama in this rundown.

Punk is such a fun genre. Especially punk that strives for melodrama. Eternity, In Your Arms is exactly that. Everything about this album screams melodramatic Misfits. From horror inspired lyrics, cathartic vocals, big arrangements, fun and catchy synths. Amount of enjoyment you will get out of this album solely comes down how much you can handle Will Gould’s vocals. He can sometimes get too whiny but overall he is pretty solid singer that knows how to convey emotion very well. Standout tracks for me are definitely Misery, Black Rain and Hiding With Boys, but honestly this album is fantastic from front to back. With this album Creeper received lot of hype and they definitely deserved it.

#6-The Dusk In Us by Converge


It’s time to spice up things with some heavier stuff. So let’s talk about new album from seminal metalcore band Converge. I still don’t know after all these years they manage to come up with such high quality material. I can name maybe 5 or 6 artists that stayed consistent this long and Converge reached higher peaks than 4 of those.  Highs of this album(Single Tear, Under Duress, I Can Tell You About Pain) are extremely high and lows well, they kinda don’t even exist. This is all killer no filler album. One thing that I like about this album quite a lot is that right in the middle there is one very slow mellow track, The Dusk In Us, which serves as “resting” track. Frankly, after all that aggression it is very welcoming track and even more when you hear second half of the album which is even more aggressive and visceral with two power violence tracks near of the end of the album.

There are two ways how you can find out is certain Converge album good:

1..Does it make you wanna break everything around you?

2.Does it make you wanna just lay down and cry yourself to sleep?

Converge has consistently been checking out both parts. Best example of that is opening track Single Tear. Jacob’s singing is VERY emotional and I can not stress that enough. By the time song hits second minute it turns into very emotional song with almost dreamy guitar which is topped with Bannon’s emotional screaming.

#5-Hiss Spun by Chelsea Wolfe


Welcome to the dark world of Chelsea Wolfe. Once you get in there is no way out. Seriously, I had this album on repeat for most of last week. I listened to it non stop. Before of it it was barely on 15th place of this ranking but, then it finally clicked with me and I am glad that it did because this album is something unique and very interesting developing of Chelsea’s sound.

If someone asked me to describe this album in one sentence I would tell him that this album is musical equivalent of 48 minute long sleep paralysis. It’s very haunting sounding album especially Chelsea’s vocals. From instrumental side it makes you feel like you are living in a post apocalyptic world where everything is dead and you are only one survivor.

#4-Antisocialites by Alvvays


This band is my favorite discovery of the year.  This is single comfiest piece of music I have ever heard in my life. This album feels like best and softest mattress.

One day I came home from university extremely tired and very pissed off because of certain things I don’t wanna mention here. I laid down, listened to this album and by the time it was over I felt very relaxed and fresh. This is perfect “resting” album. If you do not believe me try it out. You are gonna thank me later. Instrumentation is very dreamy and lush. Molly’s vocal performance is either very relaxing or very happy. She sounds like she is extremely happy to do things she does.

Guitar work of this album is beautiful and when paired with happy and catchy synths and groovy drum work it makes for great and very cohesive instrumental. Standout tracks of this album are definitely In Undertow, Saved by A Waif, Plimsoli Punks and Dreams Tonite but honestly every single song from this album is great.



#3-Who Bit The Moon by David Maxim Micic


Modern Progressive Metal or how people like to call it “Djent” is interesting genre. It may not be most diverse one but it’s definitely interesting one and David Maxim Micic is one of greats of that genre. He is very skilled guitar player especially when it comes to compositions and mixing up other genres into his sound. Last installment of his Bilo series Bilo III is basically Jazz fusion influenced Prog metal. This time he tried to infuse ambient music into his sound and came up with magnificent results. I love how  Milk Tooth perfectly sets up the mood for the album and transition from “Milk Tooth” to “Someone  Else’s Hat” is perfect. They sound like one song.  “Someone Else’s Hat” has beautiful atmosphere and that sound explosion around second minute only helps.  Guitar riffs on this song are very good just like that guitar solo in last portion of the song.

Next after “Someone Else’s Hat” is “Living Room” and holy shit what a great opening this song has. Clean guitar riffs set up perfect mood for rest of the song and yet again amazing guitar solo perfectly rounds up the song. “Beaver Moon” serves as really good interlude for rest of the album and then we get to the “687 Days” probably second best song of the album. This song is example of a perfect instrumental song. It has everything one instrumental song needs to have. Great atmosphere which is made of great guitar relaxing guitar parts and equally great keyboard parts, very slow progression only makes the song sound better.

I love production on this album. Very clean production sometimes can harm album’s sound a lot but for some reason it fits this album perfectly. Guitar tone on this album is even better than on “Bilo 3.0” EP.

Writing great guitar solo is very hard thing to do. You need to “know” every part of the guitar and that is problem lot of guitar players have, but do you know what is even harder? Writing great guitar solo that matches the song perfectly. That is what divides good and great guitar players. David Maxim Micic on this album showed how great guitar player he really is with exactly that. Writing great guitar solos that perfectly match the song. Listen to guitar solo in “Living Room” and you will see how good that guitar solo matches with overall mood of the song.

This album possibly could not get any better but somehow did. You may ask how and answer is with closing song being its best song. Yes,title track is straight up amazing. I mean other songs are pretty good too but there is something about closing track. Remember how I said that David likes to include bits of traditional music from other countries? That is the reason why this song is best of the album. That guitar run around third minute is best moment of whole album. Very good keyboard which is played in the background makes everything sound better.

Then we get to the violin part which is equally beautiful as that guitar part. Between those 2 there was great keyboards which served as perfect foundation for violins. Actually everything serves as perfect foundation for parts that are about to come. This song was perfect for the ending. It has biggest sound and it serves as album “credits”.

#2- The Source by Ayreon


Ever since I heard this album on its release date I knew this album is gonna be hard to top and only one managed to top it. I have been big Ayreon fan for last 2 or so years and this was easily my most anticipated album of this year, especially when I saw that Floor Jansen and Simone Simons, two of my favorite singers of all time, are featured on the album. I have had big expectations and he somehow managed to top those expectations.  This is everything I wanted from Ayreon times two.

Every single singer did an amazing job on this album but I have to point out three of them who did the best job. First, let’s start with the best one. Floor Jansen.  Her vocal performances on this album are amazing.  Just listen to her parts in the songs like “The Day That The World Breaks Down”, “Everybody Dies”. “Run Apocalypse Run” , “Condemned To Live” and especially “Planet Y is Alive”. I almost cried after hearing that part and you will hear how good she sounds on this album

I love how in every album Arjen incorporates folk elements. That is the case with “The Source” too. Songs like “Sea Of Machines” “All That Was”  and “Dream Dissolves” have very folk inspired atmosphere which is mainly created by flutes, guitars and violins. Two out of those 3 songs have something in common. They feature both Floor Jansen and Simone Simons. There is very big chemistry between two of them because they sound absolutely amazing when paired together.

That brings us to second singer I would like to talk about. Simone Simons. As I already mentioned there is something about her and Floor singing together. Every time they sound beautiful. Every single vocal part done by her on this album is perfect. She delivers her parts with right amount of emotion when it’s needed. Just listen to the song “Condemned To Live”. Most emotional part of the story where ten inhabitants of the planet Alpha are given the chance to continue their life on the another planet. Planet Y.

Musically all of the songs from this chronicle are amazing, but not for the same reasons. That was always biggest reason why I like Ayreon and every Arjen Lucassen project. His albums tend to be very varied. Aquatic Race is typical prog metal song, while ” The Dream Dissolves” has very nice folk sound. Seriously, those strings make an amazing atmosphere in “The Dream Dissolves” and Simone Simons’s and Floor Jansen’s performance complements it very well. Both of them sound very subtle and emotional so it naturally matches the song’s instrumentation.

Tommy Karevik is singer that surprised me the most. I always knew that he is great singer but way he sings on this album is unbelievable. Way he goes from very aggressive to very calm falsetto in a matter of second is mind blowing. His performance on “The Day That The World Breaks Down” left me in the tears of joy while his performance on “Aquatic Race” blew me away. On this album Karevik showed us pure strength of his big vocal range.

Production of this album is one of the best productions I have ever heard in my life. After all it’s Ayreon. Everything but great production would be big disappointment. Every single instrument is on its place and can be heard very good. Especially bass. This album shows how important bass is in metal.  I love how this album is full of very bombastic and catchy as fuck hooks which are heavily inspired by bands like Queen.

And now for #1 best album of 2017:

#1 – Melodrama by Lorde


I told you I will mention Melodrama again. I think it was very obvious when I mentioned it earlier that I was referring to this fantastic piece of art. Lorde is very interesting artist, at least to me. She has ton of personality and this has been shown on both Pure Heroine and Melodrama. Pure Heroine might be inferior album but that album shaped big part of pop music that came out after it. Tons of artists were jumping on Lorde bandwagon, all from from Alessia Cara to Daya. David Bowie called her future of music and he was honestly right. I think Lorde has enough of talent to reach critical acclaim of some of her best contemporaries such as Bjork and Kate Bush. Let’s not forget that Lorde is only 21 years old. It’s so weird when you realize that she is only one year older than you.

You can clearly see Kate’s influence on some songs from this album, especially Writer In The Dark which is in my opinion best song of this album and probably best song of 2017.

This album ruled majority of 2017 for me. In fact,this is my most listened to album of this year. Melodrama might not be perfect album but I am so glad that it exists. Some of the songs from this album were there when I needed them the most. Songs like Liability pictured state of my mind during few weeks of this winter. I felt like liability for everyone, my friends, my family etc.

One day I was walking back home from university while listening to Writer In The Dark and while I was getting near home chorus of the song hit and I just stood there in the middle of the street and started crying. This is first and only time that something like this happened to me. Lorde might not be technically great singer with big vocal range but she knows how to properly channel emotions with her voice.

Lorde is different person from what she was 4 years ago. Melodrama is much more mature album than Pure Heroine was

It’s such a shame that this album and most of its singles were flops, because this album deserved much bigger commercial success. Melodrama isn’t concept album whatsoever but you can find some loose narrative throughout its run time.  It explores the theme of solitude, in the framework of a single house party with the events and moods that entail it. Sal Cinquemani of Slant Magazine said this album Melodrama: “It’s cathartic, dramatic, and everything else you could want an album titled Melodrama to be” and I absolutely agree him.

If I could change anything about this album I would change track listing  a little bit. Just switch Writer in the Dark with Perfect Places because Writer In The Dark sounds like big finale and it would sound great as closing track.


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