My Indigo by My Indigo – track review

Sharon Den Adel is vocalist of Dutch symphonic metal legends Within Temptation. Over the years she gathered reputation of one of best female vocalists of this generation for a good reason. Together with Within Temptation she left major influence on lot of modern metal bands and personally I always loved her as a vocalist and Within Temptation as a band. Still to this day The Unforgiving, The Heart of Everything and The Silent Force are some of my favorite albums of all time.

So, this came out of sudden. After whole week of that “promotion” that frankly made me fear what is about to happen we get this new song from Sharon’s side project. So how is it?

Captura de pantalla de 2017-01-08 17-10-00.png

Actually, great. Let me explain. Song starts with very nice fingerstyle played acoustic guitar which serves as fantastic introduction into the song. Right before Sharon starts singing, guitar becomes little bit quieter while opening space for Sharon to give us wonderful vocal performance full of passion. Vocal production of this song is wonderful. Echo on Sharon’s vocals is pretty good and helps a lot to build the atmosphere of the song.

Another great thing about this song is its buildup towards the chorus where chorus is opened with great big drums and really good synth melody which will definitely be stuck in my ear for next few days. Usage of big drums in general is great. I love how they open pre chorus and second chorus continuing momentum of the song.

This song is basically how would Within Temptation would sound if you take out all metal elements out of their sound. Build ups that lead to bigger arrangements are something Within Temptation has mastered during all of this years, songs like Stand My Ground, Angels and Shot In The Dark are great example of that.

This song tells a story about two lovers who are not together anymore. Sharon is saying how she will always love that person and how her love will never unravel, how her love is unconditional. In statement Sharon released she said how this song and upcoming songs for this project are very personal, that they were for herself to help her to get through everything she was dealing with during last two years.


Ever since I heard that song she did with Armin van Buuren I was expecting this to happen. Frankly, I was never big fan of that song, but problems of that song were mainly in Armin’s production rather than in Sharon’s performance. Armin van Buuren’s production felt rather generic,uninspiring and kinda repetitive. Overall, it was a decent song. Nobody should be surprised that this is happening. Hell,  even with Within Temptation she released some songs that are in this vain. Songs like Whole World Is Watching, And We Run showed poppier side of Within Temptation.

I usually don’t listen to songs on repeat because of the fear that they will be ruined because of overplay. Well, I kinda can not stop listening to this song. It came out today and I have already listened to it more than 30 times and it still stands out. Overall this is high quality pop song that you should definitely check out.


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