The Sin And The Sentence by Trivium – song review

Trivium has always been one of those polarizing metal bands. People either love or hate them. Even though I jumped very late to Trivium hype train I found myself enjoying lot of their work. Shogun is in my opinion one of the best metal albums of all time and later albums aren’t that much far. Some Trivium fans have critized band for their new approach. More polished and “poppier” sound. Honestly. I found myself enjoying even those records.

So, Trivium blessed us with new song called “The Sin And The Sentence”. Is “The Sin And The Sentence” any good?


Yes, absolutely yes. This might be one of my favorite Trivium songs. Everything about this song is great. Let’s start with instrumental.

First few seconds of the song before Matt starts singing kinda sound like Dragonforce song which is great thing if you ask me (Don’t look at me like that. Dragonforce can make great songs). I like how song builds itself towards the chorus and most of that can be contributed towards new Trivium’s drummer Alex Bent. His drumming in whole song is done in masterful way, but best part are drums in the pre chorus.

One thing I always liked about Trivium a lot are their riffs they used when Matt does screaming vocals(see also:Down From The Sky) but this time they went next level with adding some clean vocals which honestly sounds fantastic. Clean vocals serve as contrast towards screaming vocals and bring lot of melody.

My favorite part of the song is bridge between second chorus and third chorus. First those double guitar harmonies and that amazing guitar solo and all of that yet again backed by Alex’s amazing drum work. All of that leds to great chorus where Trivium never dissapoints. Honestly, their choruses have always been their strongest weapon if you ask me. This song brings best parts of both new and old Trivium. Epicness of Shogun, melodic approach of In Waves and clean vocals of Silence In The Snow.



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