The World Is Yours by Arch Enemy – song review

Death and Melodic death metal in general have always been hit or miss with me. Sure, I like some classic bands like In Flames, Death, Morbid Angel etc, but if we are talking about genre in general,let’s just say that I was never big fan of it. So, underneath which umbrella Arch Enemy falls you may ask. Well, Arch Enemy has always been my favorite Melodic death metal band. They were the first band from that genre I started liking.

Everything I have heard from Arch Enemy I liked. So, will “The World Is Yours” continue that tradition?


Absolutely yes. This might even be one of their best songs so far. This is perfect Melodic Death metal song. There are three things that make great Melodic Death metal song and those are aggression, , lead guitar melodies and intensity


Let’s start with aggression. Right from the start you can hear how that guitar riff in the intro screams “aggression” and on top of that you have Allisa White Gluz giving us probably her best and most “in your face” vocal performance. Honestly, Angela was 100% right when she said that Allisa is right replacement for her.

Second part of the “holy trinit” is the part they got the best. Guitar melodies of this song are absolutely beautiful. Just listen to guitar melody in the chorus. It’s very simple yet very memorable melody

Most important part is the last one and they did amazing job there too. How do you make your song to be intense? Short answer would be make it dynamic, change tempo, play around with amount of agression, do not make it sound stale. There are many ways to do it, but those are most common and best ones. So what did Arch Enemy do so their song sounds very intense?

Bridge with whispering vocals which leads to even more agressive last chorus. It makes you feel like you are on the edge of your seat and right after that you get very explosive chorus with Allisa’s vocals being extremely agressive, most agressive in the whole song. Contrast does wonders and that’s exactly what Arch Enemy did here. I can see this song sounding even better live, especially that last chorus.

In this song Arch Enemy did something not many band do, but they should. Reprise of your best part of the song. That is what they did with the chorus melody in the bridge but only this time melody was played on piano which matched with Allisa’s whispering vocals is really good.

There are two solos in this song and both are amazing. One around first minute and second one right at the end. If I had to pick one I liked more then that would be first solo because it’s longer and very classical sounding which I like a lot. When two amazing solos are not best parts of the song you can see how amazing this song actually is.


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