Praying by Kesha – song review

I will start this review with saying something most of people did not expect me to say. I like Kesha. Yes, I just said that. Metal guy who likes Kesha. I can already say some metal fans calling me bunch of stupid names and saying how I lose all credibility because of me liking Kesha and honestly I don’t care. If I like something I won’t have shame admitting it.

Now, let’s dig right into the review. So how is this new Kesha song “Praying”?



This song isn’t just amazing. This is one of the best songs of this year. Let me explain. First thing I want to talk about is production. This production is legit beautiful. I feel like this song is created for me to love. It has everything about music I love. Piano, choir, horns,strings and choir and strings perfectly complement piano’s melody. Also, buildup of the song is amazing. Song starts very slow and stripped down and it builds itself to the second chorus where rest of the instrumentation joins and Kesha gives probably  best vocal performance of her career. Seriously, those belted notes were legit amazing.First time I listened to the song my reaction went from “This is pretty good” to “Holy shit, this is absolutely amazing” when that moment came on If you think that Kesha isn’t good singer listen to this song. Just listen to it. Her vocal performance will blow you away.

At the time I was writing this review I listened to this 24 times and I still did not get sick of it and honestly I don’t think I ever will. This song is very strong contender for my best songs of 2017 list.


Before I have heard the song I expected that this  song will be slightly religious and I was hoping that it wouldn’t end up sounding very preachy and I am glad that it did not happen. Because of that this song sounds even more personal and emotional.

Now, let’s address elephant in the room. Does this song have anything to do with Dr.Luke?

Yes and that is very clear right from the start. She is talking about everything that happened, but not in a direct way. Lyrics of this song can be perfectly summed up with one popular saying, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. She is saying how everything he did only made her be stronger. Also, reading the lyrics I got the feeling that Kesha is willing to forgive Dr. Luke. She is hoping that he can change and become better person, she is staying positive and looking forward to her future which she believes will be bright.


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