The Solace System by Epica – song review

Since I started this blog I have been waiting for a moment when I could talk about this band in greater detail. If you know anything about me then you know that alongside Nightwish Epica has always been my #1 artist. So, let’s make little introduction for this amazing band called Epica

Epica is a Dutch symphonic metal band, founded by guitarist and vocalist Mark Jansen after his departure from After Forever. They have released seven albums so far and constantly improved with every released album. “The Holographic Principle” was my favorite album of last year and I had four Epica songs in my top 25 best songs of 2016. Click here for the top 25 list Actually, I had to put four songs per artist rule because without it I would end up with at least eight songs from that album on the list.

In 2017 Epica out of nowhere released single for upcoming EP called “The Solace System”. So is “The Solace System” any good?


Yes, absolutely yes. This song and rest of the songs from upcoming EP which will be released next week and you can clearly hear that. Similar overall sound of the song and continuation of science being main subject of the song but honestly if this song was part of the album I would not mind it at all because this song is on par with big portion of the songs from “The Holographic Principle”.

Everything sounds amazing. From Simone’s very charismatic vocals to amazing orchestration and guitar work this song has everything going for it. Right from the start this song absolutely gets how good Symphonic metal song should sound. Amazing choir which is followed by very good orchestration and guitar riff.

Like I already mentioned, Simone’s vocal performance is very charismatic which helps to carry this song a lot since guitar work is pretty simple for the most part. Simple guitar work is actually very good thing this time because it leaves a lot of space for choir and Simone.

And then comes guitar solo which is again amazing. Like, seriously it is really good guitar solo. After all, Isaac is known for his guitar solos. Best example would be his guitar solo on song from The Holographic Principle called “Universal Death Squad”. I have been listening to this song for good 2 hours and I could not find single bad thing about it.

I noticed something with Epica. They song tend to be growers. First time I have heard both Quantum Enigma and The Holographic Principle I was not big fan of it, but more I listened to it more I liked it. Although, that was not a case with this song. First time I heard it I liked it a lot.

Overall, this song is absolutely amazing and you should definitely check it out.


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