No Words Spoken EP by CrazyEightyEight

July 2nd is the day when CrazyEightyEight(Jarrod Alonge’s and Lauren Babic’s side project) releases their new EP called No Words Spoken. This is not their debut EP since they have already released covers EP with covers of songs by The Killers, The 1975, Halsey and MCR. Check it out. It is pretty good.

So it this EP as good as last one?


This EP is even better. Let me explain. As I already mentioned in my review of “Tommy’s Planet” Metalcore was always genre I liked, but I was not head over heels about it. If there is anything that will make me go head over heels about Metalcore then that will be this EP. This EP is collection of very good for the most part aggressive Metalcore songs.

EP is opened with the song called “Quid Pro Quo” and this song is absolutely amazing just like next two songs. I love when the song is very dynamic. When it changes it “mood” at least few times. This song and next two songs  do very good job at that. Both Lauren and David did amazing job on this song. Lauren’s clean vocals and David’s screaming vocals match together in such a beautiful way. There is very good synergy between them.


“Tommy’s Planet” is not only best song of this EP, it’s one of the best songs of the year so far. It has everything great Metalcore song needs. Intensity, great instrumental, great breakdown and great vocals.  As I said in my review of “Tommy’s Planet” I love how very dynamic this song is. It goes from very soft and subtle tone to very aggressive tone and vice versa. Especially that transition from very aggressive breakdown to very soft bridge. From that point song comes full circle with the chorus.

Breakdown is amazing. It captures just enough energy this song needed and David’s screams are yet again amazing. I can not believe how memorable this song sounds. Believe me, I still have this song stuck in my head.

Next song is “You Were Right” and there is one thing where this song is better than any other song on this EP and that is its chorus. I love guitar work of this song and especially guitar work of the chorus and Lauren’s performance is amazing just like David’s too.

Remember how at the start of this review I said how this EP is the collection of very good collection for the most part  aggressive Metalcore songs? Well, that non aggressive song is also EP’s closing track. Its name is “Seven Six Two”. Don’t get me wrong, this song is pretty good and I am glad that they had this song as closing track because it totally makes sense to do it.

Overall, this is pretty good EP and you should definitely check it out!


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