Tommy’s Planet by CrazyEightyEight – song review

Our favorite scene meme lord is back, but this time Jarrod teamed up with always amazing Lauren Babic from Canadian band Red Handed Denial which EP Wanderer I already reviewed. Long story short it is an amazing EP and I find myself coming back to that EP a lot.  Jarrod so far has released two independent full-length studio albums, Beating a Dead Horse and Friendville, both of which reached number one on the Billboard Top Comedy Albums chart. As of April 2017, his YouTube channel has amassed over 190,000 subscribers with more than 92 million total views. Honestly I was surprised when I saw that this is not parody song. So is “Tommy’s Planet” good?Jarrod.png

This song is absolutely amazing. Metalcore was always genre I liked, but I was not head over heels about it, but I am head over heels about this song. Every part of it is amazing. Let’s first start with vocal performances. This song has feature from David Thompson from Ninashe and holy shit his screaming vocals are amazing. He reminds me of Sam Carter from Architects which is an amazing thing if you ask me. Over last few months Lauren has set very high expectations with her work and she did not disappoint at all. Actually, she sounds better than ever.She sounds even better than on last Red Handed Denial Wanderer EP.  I love how in this song Lauren goes all over her vocal range. From very low to very high belted notes.

I love how very dynamic this song is. It goes from very soft and subtle tone to very aggressive tone and vice versa. Especially that transition from very aggressive breakdown to very soft bridge. From that point song comes full circle with the chorus.

Breakdown is amazing. It captures just enough energy this song needed and David’s screams are yet again amazing. I can not believe how memorable this song sounds. Believe me, I still have this song stuck in my head.

There is another thing that I have to mention and that thing is drumming. Holy shit, whoever did drums for this song is my hero. Drumming on this song is all over the place,especially during the verses, which in song like this is amazing if you ask me.

Lyrics of this song are very well written. If I got it right, this song talks about character Tommy and everything he is going through. His struggles, his hopes and dreams and things he would like to do.

Overall, this is absolutely amazing song and I am hyped for the release of the EP.


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