Retrospect by Rest,Repose – song review

Rest, Repose is an five piece American heavy metal band that consists of:

Tanner – Vocals
Josh – Bass
Jared – Drums
Tony – Guitars
Fluff – Guitars

My interest for this band was sparked by being a fan of Jared’s and Fluff’s Youtube channels and thus for I checked out their debut EP “The Sleep City” when it got released. That EP featured different singer but we won’t talk about that today. To be fair I liked that EP quite a bit. Very good try on very melodic metal. It had very mainstream sound which I respect a ton. Finally we got band full of talented musicians playing very mainstream sound of metal.

When they announced that they will be releasing their debut album and first single of that album I was intrigued. So, what do we get with “Retrospect”?


First, there is a line up change. Their new singer Tanner Cowens is fronting the band now and honestly I like Tanner more than Vince and don’t think that I did not like Vince. I loved that guy, but I feel like Tanner’s voice goes better with band’s sound and he totally showed that on this track. Just listen to the chorus where Tanner goes from very subtle style of singing to very aggressive style of singing creative this amazing contrast that sounds really good. It is like sudden rush of adrenaline which makes this song to sound much better.

Now,let’s talk about instrumentation. Instrumentation was always my favorite part of Rest,Repose. Both on this song and on their Sleep City EP. Opening riff is really melodic and it perfectly introduces the song.  I like how instrumentation follows vocals very good in the chorus. While vocals are very subtle instrumentation is very subtle too, but only vocals become much more aggressive instrumentation becomes much heavier.

Bridge of this song is done in such a good way that I simply have to mention it. During the bridge whole song becomes much softer and Tanner is using lower part of his vocal range which suits the bridge really good. Vocal effect that was used during the bridge is perfect. Bridge serves as perfect “preparation” for the last chorus.

I love how whole instrumentation suddenly speeds up right before the song ends. It gives you the same feeling like that change from very subtle to very aggressive vocals in the chorus. Like I already mentioned it feels like sudden rush of adrenaline. This song is basically one big adrenaline bomb waiting to explode.

Production of this song is really good too. Every instrument is at its place and everything sounds very good as one piece. I especially love how drums sound. They are very simple therefore they are not that much in your face which fits the song perfectly

Earlier this year I reviewed the album by the band that has very similar sound. That band is Raven Age. Both of these bands focus on having very melodic lead guitar lines while still holding very heavy rhythm guitars. Also both singers are exceptionally good.

Overall this is pretty great track and I would definitely advise you to check it out. Even if you are not fan of this style of music.



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