Fabuless by Stone Sour – song review

So, Stone Sour is finally back! Last time we heard something from these guys was 2 years ago when they released covers EP “Straight Outta Burbank…” which included 5 songs:

1. “Sailin’ On” (Bad Brains cover)
2. “Running Free” (Iron Maiden cover)
3. “Gimme Shelter” (feat. Lzzy Hale) (The Rolling Stones cover)
4. “Too Fast for Love” (Mötley Crüe cover)
5. “Seasons in the Abyss” (Slayer cover)

Personally, I enjoyed this EP a lot, especially “Gimme Shelter” cover, although I wish they gave Lzzy Hale more vocal duties.

Today, Stone Sour released first original song since 2013 called “Fabuless”. So, is “Fabuless” good?


This is absolutely fantastic. This is one of those songs that make you be hyped for the new album. I love every single part of the song. To be completely honest, first time I heard it I thought that it was just good, mainly because I was not big fan of verses, but on second listen it finally clicked with me.

I love how song changes its “mood” several times. First starts very heavy and then during the verses almost whole instrumentation disappears. Verses make great build up for pre chorus where song literally explodes and Corey uses his very aggressive side of his vocals which perfectly fits with the instrumentation and then chorus comes and holy shit. It’s so melodic and catchy and I absolutely love it.  This song has fair shot to become my favorite song of the year.  Guitar solo is pretty good even though it’s not that long it perfectly fits the song and serves as good introduction to the last chorus.

 This is the song where Corey Taylor showed us how great of a vocalist he actually is.
He is the main “star” of this song. In my opinion this is his vocal performance of all time.
Things he does with his vocals in this song are beyond amazing. His vocal range really shows up in this song. I love how he adjusts his vocals to every part of the song. During the verses his voice is very subtle but as soon as songs changes its instrumentation his vocals perfectly line up with it and yet again when song hits the chorus he perfectly matches the instrumentation.

Overall this song is absolutely amazing and I can not wait for them to release “Hydrograd”.


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