Lovely Little Lonely by The Maine – album review

The Maine is an American alternative rock band from Tempe, Arizona, formed in 2007. Band consists of members :

  • John O’Callaghan – lead vocals, piano guitar
  • Jared Monaco – lead guitar
  • Garrett Nickelsen – bass, occasional backing vocals
  • Patrick Kirch – drums, percussion
  • Kennedy Brock – rhythm guitar, backing vocals

Before “Lovely Little Lonely” The Maine released 5 studio albums which includes  “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” “Black & White” ,”Pioneer”, “Forever Halloween” and my personal favorite “American Candy”.

In 2017 they released their sixth studio album “Lovely Little Lonely”. So, what do we get with “Lovely Little Lonely”?

A lot of pretty solid and very happy music and that is where my main with this album comes. I don’t know is this even fair because it’s more of a personal problem. I was never fan of very happy music. I am more used to listening to music that makes you either “powerful” or “sad” but not happy. Don’t get me wrong, this album is still pretty good and I enjoyed it a lot, but I enjoyed it mainly because of some other reasons.  Later in this review I will explain why this album’s extreme happiness helped me a lot.


Album opens up with song “Don’t Come Down” which is one of the best songs from this album. I love how songs starts slowly building up before everything comes together in the chorus. It creates one beautiful atmosphere which I like a lot, but best part of the song is definitely John O’Callaghan’s singing. His singing perfectly matches with the instrumentation. I always admired singers who know how to make their voice perfectly fit the song a lot. He is not trying to do any “fancy” stuff which honestly would not fit song like this one.

The Maine is one of those bands  that in my opinion always had very strong singles. “Bad Behavior” is exactly that. Very strong single and probably the best song on the album. Reason why I am saying probably is because “Taxi” is literally on par with it. Both of these songs have very high chance to end up as one of my favorite songs of 2017. Those were one of few songs that I liked even on first listen. Guitar riff of this song is simply beautiful and when its paired with those drums they both make cohesive unity.

This album has its title track divided in three parts “Lovely“, “Little” and “Lonely” which serve as great interludes. “Lovely” serves as great intro to “Black Butterflies and Deja Vu“. Honestly, I did not even notice that those are two separate songs on first few listens. Chemistry between drummer Patrick Kirch and and guitar players Jared Monaco and Kennedy Brock on this album is really good. Just listen to how melodic and and very rhythmic “Black Black Butterflies and Deja Vu”.

As I already said “Taxi” is literally on par with “Bad Behavior“, but for different reasons. I love how this song starts with that clean guitar that slowly fades away and slowly appears again. Bridge is absolutely fantastic, even though it is pretty short. You know how people tend to say “All good things are short lasting”. It serves as perfect introduction for final chorus and actually makes last chorus sound much better.

One thing that I like a lot about this album are backing vocals. Song “Do You Remember” is best example of that. Way how backing vocals and John O’Callaghan’s vocals match is fantastic. Also little solo this song has is pretty good. Just like bridge of “Taxi” it’s short but sweet.


Album is closed with song “How Do You Feel” and no this is not cover of Ed Sheeran song. This song is even better than that Ed Sheeran song. Patrick Kirch is doing wonders on this song.  I love how his drumming and whole instrumentation during the verses builds up to the chorus where everything “explodes” in one great chorus. Also, that guitar solo is simply fantastic. It really makes this song to stand out.


Production of this album is another great part. Everything sounds like it is in its place. Guitar effects are perfectly picked and they fit every single song. Vocal production is amazing and it really makes John O’Callaghan to sound amazing.

Listening to this album I had a feeling that I am on some kind of beach party where everyone is having a lot of fun. Also, I feel like to get fully experience out of this album you really need to listen to it on some kind of beach and let yourself enjoy the music and everything that surrounds you.

Initially I was not planning to review this album because I was never big fan of The Maine and bands like them and after first few listens I did not like this album that much, I found to be kinda decent. But, then one day I was not feeling good at all and I figured out let’s give that The Maine album another chance and it finally clicked with me. I guess I needed all of that extreme happiness this album is providing.

Overall this is album full of pretty good upbeat and happy music. Definitely give it a try.


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