Interview With SophieTag

Introduce yourself

  • Hi friends! I’m Sophie Tag (as known on Youtube) and I run a channel based around my favorite music and interests. As I mainly focus in on my interests in new music, the music industry, and the music community, my main intent is to introduce others to what I am passionate about on a daily basis. I am from New Jersey and currently a student and working towards a career in the music industry, preferably music business, management, or production. I’m also a coffee addict and spend waaaay too much money on vinyl records.


Why did you start with your Youtube channel?

  • The idea of starting a Youtube channel actually popped into my head about a year before actually starting one. I would watch record collection videos, music reviews, and other related videos by youtubers (some who have actually become some great friends of mine today) and I would always think “That’s something I would love to do with my free time.” but honestly, I doubted myself with it since I didn’t have any “fancy” camera or recording gear. However, one day, I was just like “F**k it, let’s try recording a record collection video with my iPhone and see how it goes.” and that’s just kind of how it started, and it still works for me. Overall though, my main intention on starting my channel was to introduce others into what I was interested and passionate about and to be exposed to more of the music community, being that I only know few people in my everyday life who are interested in the same music as me. I’ve had a few instances where people have approached me at shows, festivals, etc and recognized me, saying I’ve introduced them to the band playing that show or that they love what I upload, and that is really rewarding in a way and makes me feel like I fulfilled my goals for the channel.

What is the artist nobody expects that you like?

  • I’ve mentioned in a few videos that I’m a DIEHARD Taylor Swift fan. She’s forever my #1 favorite solo artist. However, Britney Spears is a huge guilty pleasure of mine, not going to lie…she’s freakin’ awesome.

Who was the first artist/band you started loving?

  • The first artist I really started loving was Taylor Swift as a kid, growing up on her music throughout middle school and a majority of high school. However, the first band that I really starting loving was Paramore, back in my middle school days as well. (I hate to admit that I found out about them through the Twilight movie soundtrack…still an awesome soundtrack..)

Name 3 artists/bands from 3 different genres you like.

  • Alternative/Rock: The Maine (no surprise here)

  • Country: Miranda Lambert (another guilty pleasure…)

  • Metalcore: Underoath

What is your favorite vinyl?

  • That I own, “Forever Halloween” by The Maine.

What is the best concert you have ever attended?

  • Oh god, this is like asking your favorite child. Not necessarily a concert, But the 8123 Fest was probably the best day of my life so I’m gonna have to go with that one even though it was more of a festival.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

  • Hopefully working in the music industry, being surrounded by people I love and people who are passionate about the same things I am. Having a solid group of friends and living in Arizona.

What do you think how will your music taste change as you grow up?

  • I continue to find new music every day so it’s very likely my music taste will continue to grow and change as I grow and change. I will probably still listen and go back to some of my favorite bands I listen to now. I really like/can listen to any genre (besides rap/trap music…sorry rap friends) so I’m sure I’ll still be listening to everything even when I’m like 50.

If someone comes to you and asks you:”Which album represents rock the best?” which album would that be?

  • Holy… (this is the hardest question in this set). This took a lot of thinking…but I’m going to go my opinion, Green Day’s “American Idiot”. I feel like this is a very basic/cliche choice, but I personally think that album was groundbreaking for punk rock music and encompases so many different themes of rock music and just life in general. The whole ‘rebellious’ aspect, the reflection on tragic and devastating moments in life and how they make the good times more special and memorable, and just making fun of the everyday expectations that society claims to be “right”, and just kind of saying “F you” to anyone who tries to tell you how to live your life. Oh, and the whole concept and hidden symbolism behind some of the tracks are incredible.

What do you think about my blog as a whole?

  • I think it’s awesome. I am on board 100% with anyone trying to push smaller bands, artists, and just people in general. I really love that you’re also critical of some music as well, instead of sugar-coating like many other blogs, reviews, and writers. Super awesome, & really grateful that you decided to reach out to me for an interview – REALLY good questions.

In this segment I will mention five words and you will tell me what is the first thing that comes to your mind.

School – Not for everyone, but if you’re doing it, put your heart into it because it’s a guide to your career and ultimately, your life in some ways.

Music – everything.

Croatia – I have no idea lol.

Home – surrounded by close friends/family at a local show or a coffee shop or just driving around my hometown I guess.

Closing thoughts:

  • First off, I’m super thankful and excited to have been asked these interview questions. They really made me think and it felt really cool to sit down and think about this stuff, knowing some people might read it. But I guess my overall “closing thoughts” to tell others regarding music, life, and this whole Youtube thing is to just not take life too seriously and do whatever you want (without getting arrested or dying of course). I think when you base your self-worth and life on society’s expectations, school/grades/intelligence, other people’s opinions, and trends that you’re not living your life to the fullest. You’ll find yourself and what makes you happiest by taking risks and doing what you want, without worrying about what other’s are telling you and saying about it. And yes, it’s important to succeed and move forward but it’s also important to fail sometimes too and learn from it. Also, music is cool, man.

I would like to use this opportunity and say thank you to Sophie for this interview

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