Sign Of The Times by Harry Styles – song review

I am pretty sure I do not need to introduce this guy. If you clicked on this review you already know who is he so I will just jump right into the review. So is “Sign Of The Times” good?


This song is absolutely fantastic in every possible way. I am genuinely surprised direction(no pun intended) he decided to go. I remember few weeks ago saying that I would like to hear big pop star making a rock song and here we got Harry Styles singing very good 70’s glam rock ballad.  Apparently his debut album will be heavily inspired by sound of the 70’s British rock which I am so hyped for. I want this album to be great. If the morning shows the day this album will be amazing.


Song starts with very nice piano which perfectly sets up the mood for this song. First time I have heard this song I was not sure is that him singing because he sounds so different on this song. His falsetto in this song is actually really good and adds up to the song a lot. Somewhere around first minute piano gets joined by great bluesy guitars which makes this sound lot better. I love how guitar part opens up with very nice slide. Small things like that make this song sound so much better. It makes the song to sound more diverse. It would not sound good if it was just piano through whole song. This song sounds like something that will be remembered in 20 years. I hope it does because it is absolutely amazing

Harry Styles’s vocal performance is probably best part of this song. He sells those lyrics really good. You can clearly hear emotion in his voice and as I already mentioned those falsetto parts are great too. Vocal production of this song also really good. As I already mentioned Harry sounds very different than on One Direction albums and that is for the most of the time in production. I like how this song uses real drums and not drum machine which actually helps with building atmosphere. Also drum perfectly match with the rest of the instrumentation. They are very simple, but sometimes song needs to have simple drums to make it better. Sometimes complex drums just ruin the song. Although drums get kinda complex during the bridge which is nice too.

This song has very comforting tone which can be proven with the lyrics. This is definitely break up song in which it is shown how main character  is trying to comfort the other one by telling her that she should not make herself feel guilty for their breakup. He is trying to tell her to have “time of her life”. He is trying to tell he that she needs to move on with her life and get over him because that is the best for both of them

Overall this is great song. I am still amazed how this good this song actually is. I can not wait to listen to his debut album album. I hope it is as good as this song. This song gets perfect 5/5-

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