Darkness Will Rise by The Raven Age – album review

The Raven Age is British Heavy metal band from London. They were formed in 2009 and so far they have released an self tilted EP in 2014 and this new album called Darkness Will Rise. Band consists of :

  • George Harris – guitars
  • Dan Wright – guitars
  • Matt Cox – bass
  • Michael Burrough-vocals
  • Jai Patel – drums

As I already mentioned in 2014 they released self tilted EP which had four songs:

1. “Uprising” 2:37
2. “Eye Among the Blind” 6:06
3. “The Death March” 4:46
4. “Angel in Disgrace” 5:28


That EP showed how great band they actually are and how much potential and talent they have. If you ask me how would I describe their sound I would say that they are some kind of metalcore, but just with clean only singing. They decided to include every song from this EP in this debut album which is very good call in my opinion because all of those songs are pretty good.  Best song of this EP was easily closing song “Angel In Disgrace”. Michael Burrough’s vocals on that song and on whole EP are fantastic. “Angel In Disgrace” sounds like really good live song and I can confirm that because I saw them live when they opened for Iron Maiden in Split,Croatia last summer. Their part of the show was amazing. I remember saying that vocalist probably ate one kilo of sugar before he went on stage because he was very energetic and basically everywhere.


credits:The Raven Age Facebook page

In 2017 they released their debut album called “Darkness Will Rise”. So, what do we get with this The Raven Age album?

 Actually, pretty good album. I still had very big expectation for this guys after I ‘ve seen them live and heard their debut EP and still their debut album did not disappoint me at all. Actually it surprised me how much they improved as a band.  There is no single bad song on this album and there is a lot of standout songs, but now let’s see why this album is that much good.

Album opens up with intro title track. It is very calm and sets up perfect mood for rest of the album. After that we get to the first single of this album called “Promised Land” and holy shit is this song amazing. Riff that is played by rhythm guitar is sets up perfect foundation for beautiful lead guitar melodies. Michael Burrough’s vocals are basically flawless on this song. “Promised Land” sounds like something Trivium would write on Shogun, but only without screaming vocals. Actually throughout whole this album there is a lot of moments that remind me of Trivium a lot.


One song that shows how great The Raven Age guys actually are is “Age Of the Raven”. For some reason very Djenty and melodic lead guitar melodies match perfectly with very heavy rhythm guitar parts and yet again Michael Burrough’s vocals are perfect. Honestly this guy is amazing on this album. I like how he is in front of the mix for almost whole album as he should be. I do not even need to mention how bad decision is to hide great vocalist behind instrumentation. That decision almost ruined last Halestorm’s and Xandria’s albums.


“Salem’s Fate” is another really good song. Just listen to that bass line. So far both guitar players and singer showed how good musicians they are, but now it is time for Matt Cox to show how great bass player he is. Jai Patel’s drumming in this song is pretty good too(especially that part with cymbals), . His drumming is very good on this album, but this song shows how great he actually is in the best way possible.

Now we get to the probably weakest song of the album. It is called “The Merciful One”. Problem with it is that it does not have that same punch like other songs from this album have. It feels kinda bland and it is kinda boring. Although that guitar solo and vocals are great as usual and that is what saves this song from being total disaster and makes it sound decent.

Seriously, Michael Burrough’s vocals in this album are fantastic. I know I am sounding like a broken record but I have to bring that again because he deserves it. Vocal melodies in Winds Of Change are probably best vocal melodies on this album and some of the vocal melodies in recent memory. This guy is absolutely fantastic.

19787311361_fa72ef41bc_oAs I already mentioned all songs from their debut self tilted EP are featured on this album and that is amazing because that means that “Angel Of Disgrace” and “Eye Among The Blind” are on this album. Do not get me wrong other songs from that EP are good too but those 2 songs are amazing. “Angel In Disgrace” and “Eye Among The Blind” are main reason why I liked that EP so much, especially “Angel In Disgrace”.

This album is not only really good musically, but also lyrically. Like for example song “Age Of The Raven” is talking about opposing your fears. How you need to stand against your fears. He is asking himself will those fears take him as a victim, will he be saved from this Hell on Earth.

The Dying Embers Of Life deals with similar subject, very personal subject. In this song he is telling us how he is confused, how there are too many questions running through his mind. He is questioning himself has he become something he never wanted to become. He is not satisfied with himself and he hopes that he never wakes up again.

This cage that I call my home

never ceases to oppress my sorry soul

The Dying Embers of Life in me are gone

as I lay here growing older

Most of the songs from this album are dealing with personal struggles (as I already showed with those 2 songs) which matches with the rest of the instrumentation most of the time.

Overall this is pretty good album and I would definitely recommend you to check out these guys. This album gets light 9/10.

Best songs: Age Of The Raven, Angel In Disgrace, Promised Land, Salem’s Fate

Worst song: The Merciful One (I had to pick one, although this one is pretty decent)


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