Black Hoodie by Body Count – song review

Body Count is American heavy metal band from Los Angeles, California. They were formed in 1990 by Ice-T and Ernie C. They released their debut album in  1992 and already on their debut album one song was very controversial. Name of the song is “Cop Killer” and you can already understand why it was very controversial. Later it was taken off the album and this is what Ice-T said about that song:

“I thought I was safe. I thought within the world of rock’n’roll, you could be free to write what you want. Hell, I was listening to Talking Heads singin’ ‘Psycho Killer.’ Fuck it, I’ll make ‘Cop Killer’! But, that was the cross of metal with something that was real. Now we’re not just killing your family, we’re killing somebody so real that everybody just went, ‘oh shit.'”

So in 2017 Body Count is back with yet another set of very political songs. Before this song they released “No Lives Matter” and “Ski Mask Away” and now they released “Black Hoodie”. So how good is “Black Hoodie”?


Actually pretty good. Maybe even better then their previous two songs. Ice-T is giving us probably one of his best performances out of those 3 songs and instrumental is absolutely fantastic. Song features some of tastiest riffs in recent memory. Especially riffs in the verses. They have very evil-ish sounding. They are very thrashy and they mix with the rapping perfectly.I love how in some parts of the hook almost whole instrumentation stops but only bass is playing. Little parts like that make this song sound much better. This song features gun shot samples and they actually fit with the sound of the song very good. If there is any criticism I can give for this song then that is that background vocals that do “Woho” should not be there. They are kinda off-putting, but that would be me nit picking and this song does not deserve that.

Now, lets talk about lyrics. The thing that stands out the most in this song. Just like in “No Lives Matter” this song starts with spoken word too. There was always something good with songs that start with spoken word and especially with songs like this one is. That part introduces us into the rest of the song. During that part Ice-T says how all of this things about police brutality are old news and how he has been talking about that in last 20 years. Remember how I mentioned “Cop Killer” in the first part of this review? I am pretty sure that intro of this song references that song.

After that part Ice-T starts telling us a story how one night how he was hanging out with his friends, nobody had guns “everyone was legit”. One of his friends was very drunk and then cops came. That guy started running for some reason and out of sudden they heard the shots  Cop shot him, once in leg and once in the head. After some time they got in court and guess what? They let the cop go off without any punishment.

Overall this is pretty good song and I am very excited for new Body Count album. This song gets strong 4/5.

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