Interview with PaigeBackstage

1.       Introduce yourself

Hi, I’m Paige! I used to work for a major record label while daydreaming about the Jonas Brothers. Now I have a blog, a music website, a YouTube channel, and I write freelance for sites like Billboard. And now people actually listen to me talk about the Jonas Brothers



2.      What it is like to work for a record label?

It’s got its moments. It’s awesome when the bands you work with come to town, and you get to meet them and discuss their music as a peer. But as with any job…it’s an office job most days of the year. I spent 12+ hours a day sitting at a desk, sorting other people’s expense reports and collecting numbers. But then I’d be on calls to other countries talking about Halsey and running fan events with her. So…maybe working for a record label is like working for a regular office but with really sick perks. That sounds about right.

3.       What is your favorite vinyl?

OH BOY. I’ve got a few that I’m seriously in love with. I think my all-time favourite has to be Safe To Say’s “Hiding Games” EP. It matches the album art perfectly, and it matches the sound of the EP too!

4.      Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

In my wildest dreams, I’d be going on tour with the Jonas Brothers for their eventual reunion…but more likely, I’ll be working in music marketing and putting on cool fan events. I can’t see myself ever settling down into one thing, I want to be able to do a little bit of everything. I want to do something to work with female entrepreneurs/bloggers as well, but we’ll see what happens.

5.      What are your top 5 favorite albums?

This question is causing me physical distress. Top FIVE? Of my LIFE?! Yikes. I’m gonna give you my top 5 right now because…literally can’t handle that question.

1. The Maine – American Candy

2. The 1975 – I Like It When You Sleep…

3. Boston Manor – Be Nothing.

4. Safe To Say – Down In The Dark

5. Microwave – Much Love

6.      What do you think how will your music taste change in next few years and will it even change?

Honestly, I never know! I tend to love the same things forever, but I pick up new things to love along the way. So it’s not that my music taste changes necessarily…it just expands. My boyfriend (Aaron) has been getting me into more hardcore bands, so that’s definitely something I’m starting to have real, serious opinions about.

7.      When it comes to the music what is more important to you, lyrics or actual music?

This is an impossible question for me because it poses a catch-22. Can’t like the music without good lyrics; can’t like the lyrics without good music. There are bands like Counterparts and Touche Amore that are just a little too hardcore for me, but their lyrics are gorgeous…but I can’t appreciate them in their musical setting because it’s not my style. But there are other songs where I love the beat, but the lyrics are garbage so I feel like I can’t properly appreciate any of it. It’s all connected.


8.      If you could spend one day with any celebrity who would that be and why?

Please, god, let me spend a day with the Jonas Brothers and force them to put out the Waterparks-style pop punk record they were destined to record before Disney got involved. PLEASE.

9.      Can you describe you as a child?

I was a weird kid. I was a child genius, the first child to ever read at age 3 at the school I attended. And then it was all downhill from there. I spoke like a little adult and was literally always the teacher’s pet. I started playing piano at age 3 as well, and really got into music immediately from there. I did a ton of creative things (music, dancing, art, etc.) and I think it paid off in the long run because…here we are.

10.   How were you changing as a person?

I think in my youth, I learned pretty young that friends can be petty and jealous… I let it turn me cynical real quick. I fully decided as a child that I’d just grow up and be alone forever because you can’t trust anyone. I was like 9 years old, that’s so extreme. But I wasn’t wrong, it’s hard to find people that can be happy for you without needing to compare to their own lives. Instead of cutting everyone out though, you just have to find those special people and hang on for dear life.


11.    How was your music taste changing as you were growing up?

I used to be seriously into hip hop and R&B, alongside the Spice Girls and every boyband of the time. My dad got me into a lot of west coast rap as a kid. My mom played a lot of Rod Stewart and Michael Bolton. Honestly, what is that “music taste”? It’s a whole lot of “what?” I’m glad I hit a point where I started discovering music on my own.

12.   What is your favorite concert of all time?

I just saw Boston Manor last week at a secret show and it changed my life. That’s now a top contender with Twenty One Pilots before they got famous and The Maine’s 8123 Fest.

13.   If you could change something about yourself what would you change?

I would change how much I care about the things people say. Deep down, I’m not affected by the things people say about me. Half the time, mean comments are brought on by jealousy or spite; I try to take a moment and see things through their eyes and move on. I just get really bothered by people spreading misinformation about me or about things I know a lot about… like when people say incorrect facts about bands I know far too much about, I feel the need to jump in and be like hELLO HERE IS A FACT FOR YOUUUU. It takes a lot of effort to keep my mouth shut.

14.   What are your pet peeves?

People’s knees.

15.   What is the weirdest band you like?

I think a lot of people are confused by my love for Ghost. More than anything, I’m confused by my love for the Barenaked Ladies.

16.   What is the band nobody expects that you like?

I feel like I have the opposite issue, where people expect me to like bands and I don’t like them. I got lumped into “pop punk YouTube” but like…I’m really not a pop punk fan. Honestly, I barely know anything about pop punk except that you eat pizza and wear plaid?? I just got thrown into the genre, but I’d much rather talk about a dozen other genres.

17.   Do you have any strange hobbies?

I do a lot of needlepoint and cross stitching, knitting, DIY… Lots of old lady crafts. I’m old.

18.   What do you think about my blog as a whole?

I love it! You’ve really found your niche and I like the new name you’ve chosen for it.

19.   Closing thoughts

The plural of vinyl is vinyl…or vinyls. There are multiple studies done on the subject showing that there is no perfect way to say it because there can be arguments made for both. It’s just created by a community trying to be pretentious and better than the new people coming into it. So cut it out and just enjoy the music.

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