You Don’t Know by Kobra And The Lotus – song review

So, after great “Triggerpulse” and amazing “Gotham” Kobra And The Lotus is back with yet another song. Is “You Don’t Know ” as good as last two?


(credits Rock Revolt magazine)

This song is not on par with “Gotham” but it is better than “Triggerpulse”. Topping such an amazing song like “Gotham” is almost impossible. Although they almost did it.While “Triggerpulse” reminded me of In Flames and “Gotham” reminded me of Mastodon “You Don’t Know” reminds me of Lacuna Coil a lot. Just like “Gotham” this song has fantastic chorus which makes this song great song for live shows.

With these three songs Kobra And The Lotus showed us how they are not just another one dimensional band and I admire them for that a lot. This song shows how they can write softer songs too while holding their signature sound.


A lot of great songs open up with just drums, best example would be “Painkiller” by Judas Priest,  which sets up great foundation for great guitar riff which is about to come. Honestly riff is very simple, but a lot of great riffs are simple too which can be good thing(“Blood And Thunder” by Mastodon). Just like guitar riffs whole instrumentation is very simple which puts a lot of pressure on singer Kobra Paige, but she uses that very good.

Best thing about this song is Kobra Paige. Her singing is amazing in this song. Although I wish she used more of her great vibrato because that is best part of her voice. Her vibrato is what made for me songs like “Welcome To My Funeral” and “Soldier”. While listening to Kobra And The Lotus past albums I noticed one thing. She and Britney Slayes from Unleash The Archers have similar voice which is pretty good thing if you ask me. Both of them have great vibrato which they tend to use a lot and both of them can hit very high notes very easy.


Lyrics of this song are very straightforward which only can be good thing.They are talking about person that betrayed her, how he does not know how it is like to be she. How she is sick and tired of his lies and what they did to her.

I’m sick and tired of feeling my face on fire

When you don’t know what you’re talking about

Some of you will maybe think “Oh this is just another mom you do not understand me” song, but actually this is not. This verse proves that.

You are on the outside always looking in but never asking questions

Could it be that you won’t understand that we’re both born of innocence?

Empty conversations, we know nothing of each other’s solitude

You don’t know the reasons that made me and I don’t know you

In this verse she explains how he does not know reasons and that she does not know him anymore. How they used to know each other a lot but that is the past

Overall this is pretty good song and I am absolutely excited to hear what more Kobra And The Lotus has to offer us with their new album “Prevail I & II”. This song gets 4.5/5.


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