Battle Symphony by Linkin Park – song review

So, Linkin Park released another song after they released really good first single called “Heavy”. What do we get with “Battle Symphony”?


For the start here is a picture of 2017 Linkin Park.


But seriously this song sounds like if pop rock band like Fall Out Boy made a boy band song and guess what? I actually like it. After all I liked “Heavy” so it is not that much surprising to me that I like this song too. Yes, lyrics are very generic and effortless but I like the sound of the song a lot.


Song opens up with nice sounding synth riff and when rest of the instrumentation joins it they set up nice mood for the rest of the song. Instrumentation of the song is very simple just like in “Heavy”. There is where my problem comes. When you have simple instrumentation vocals should be the thing that carry the song but Chester’s vocals are not that much good to carry the song. They are ok, but not as good as they should be. “Heavy” had similar problem, but that song was carried by Kiiara’s really good vocals. Although Chester’s vocals in last chorus are really good in comparison with the rest of the song.

Chorus is arguably the best part of this song. It starts with just drums and it slowly builds up before everything “explodes”. I say “explodes” because while it is not big change of the sound is still change. It becomes much more bigger and it creates great atmosphere for the rest of the song. Drums are one of the reasons why I like this song a lot. They have really nice groove which I like a lot and they do not sound fake which is another good thing.



Lyrics of this song are very straightforward. As I said they are effortless and kinda bland , but still at least they make sense which I will always praise. “Battle Symphony” is about fighting everything that comes up in your life. It is about your voice in you head which is like “symphony” that makes you fight against bad things in your life. Even though bad things happen you will try to fix them. That can be proven with this part from the chorus.

I hear my battle symphony
All the world in front of me
If my armor breaks
I’ll fuse it back together


Long story short this is self empowerment song. I can see a lot of people hating this song but as I said I actually like it. It is pretty solid song although “Heavy” was better. This song gets 4/5.

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