Let You Down by Seether – song review

Remember Seether? That band that made that mediocre “Careless Whisper” cover and that decent song “Fake It”. Yeah, that band. Looks like they are back with a new song “Let You Down”. So did they let us down?( implying that they can let us down)

Actually no, because this song is pretty good. Which is extremely weird to say for Seether. I do not know why but 2017 is becoming very weird. First Nickelback released decent song now Seether is releasing very good song. Is apocalypse coming? I hope not.

Song opens up with very nice guitar riff which explodes for little bit of time and then again goes back to its first state when Shaun Morgan starts singing.  Most of instrumentation is gone up to that point and all attention is pointed towards Shaun Morgan and he uses that attention very good. Then we get to the chorus. Is it little bit generic? Kinda but that is ok because this is really good chorus which will work perfectly live.

Second verse is somehow even better. Shaun Morgan’s singing in this song is pretty good which in other songs was not much of a case. This song desperately needed good singing. Bridge of this song is absolutely perfect. It has awesome groovy riff which serves as great introduction for the final chorus.

This song has very dark lyrics and very dark instrumentation and those two things match perfectly.

If I could speak, I’d tell you all my fears and deprivations
If I could feel, I’d take away your pain
If I could breathe, I’d show you all my scars and imperfections
If I could bleed, I’d hold you in my veins

Then later in the second chorus lyrics get even weirder and darker

If I could breed, I’d show you all my infantile obsessions
If I could sleep, I’d hold you in my head
If I was strong, I’d keep you close and render you defenseless
If I was gone, I’d hope you take my place


Overall this is pretty good song and very big improvement for Seether. I am looking forward to their album. This song gets 4/5



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