Blackbird by Alter Bridge – song review

Everybody has his favorite song of all time or at least certain amount of songs he likes a lot. Song that matter to you a lot.  Song you are extremely connected so it feels like it is your song.  That is Blackbird for me. Blackbird is easily my favorite song of all time, but let’s see why?


Song opens up with this beautiful guitar part done in fingerstyle with equally beautiful and extremely emotional Myles Kennedy’s singing. That part serves as perfect introduction for what it is about to come. Chorus where sound totally explodes  . In that part Myles Kennedy’s vocals go from soft to full on blasting vocals. This is what Myles Kennedy said about that chorus:

We were trying to find a chorus for it, so we were banging it out for a few hours, not having [any] luck, so I went into the other room. And they were still working on something, and there was an urban dance group in the next room, because it’s a rehearsal studio. And there was just this cacophony of sound: I heard them, and I heard this over here, and it was just noise. And it was weird—it was like, out of those two noises, even though they were playing something completely different, came this idea for the chorus of “Blackbird.”

Song changes its mood quite a bit which creates beautiful atmosphere. Instrumentation of this song is perfectly done. Drums are not that much complex but they fit the song perfectly. Overall sound of the song is very dark which fits with the lyrics of the song in that way that they both create very emotional and beautiful atmosphere.

To some people Welcome To The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance is most epic song they have ever heard, but for me Blackbird takes that spot. Don’t take me wrong Welcome To The Black  Parade is very epic song but when your song has two extremely epic guitar solos, beautiful and extremely emotional sound which are rounded by lyrics which describe topic like this song describes there is no debate which song is more epic. Even if you have never been in a situation this song describes (which I have not) you can clearly understand how much emotional this song actually is.

This is what Myles Kennedy said about this song:

“Blackbird” was inspired lyrically by a friend of mine named Mark Morse. He sold me my first guitar when I was a kid, and we stayed friends for years and years. He actually passed away right as that song was being completed so it was dedicated to him and his memory. It’s really about seeing the suffering he was going through and hoping he would find his solace soon and be free from all of that.


“Blackbird” is a lyrically and musically masterpiece. “Blackbird” is “Stairway To Heaven” of this generation. Song that will be remembered for ages.

This part is the reason why this song is masterpiece

The cycle of suffering goes on
But memories of you stay strong
Someday I too will fly and find you again

Myles is accepting that he will have to continue living his life without him and saying how he will too fly and find him again the day when he dies and they will reunite.

This song features two back-to-back solos which are played by Myles Kennedy and Mark Tremonti. While first one has strong Pink Floyd vibe other one is very fast shredding type of a guitar solo. Both solos work perfectly together. First one prepares the “ground” perfectly for second one to take over the song and to prepare beautiful foundation for Myles Kennedy to finish the song.

In February 2011, Guitarist named the song’s two back-to-back guitar solos, which are respectively played by vocalist and guitarist Myles Kennedy and lead guitarist Mark Tremonti, as collectively the greatest guitar solo of all time. In a poll allowing readers to vote, the song won and defeated performances by famous rock guitarists such as Slash, Eddie Van Halen, Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix, John Petrucci, Steve Vai, and David Gilmour by a wide margin.(Source:Wikipedia).

This song is absolutely flawless. There is no single bad thing about it. Everything works perfectly. 5/5 is not enough for a song like this. This is one of those songs that transcends the rating and it is absolutely impossible to rate.


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