Everybody Dies by Ayreon – song review

So, Ayreon is back with yet another song. This time it is “Everybody Dies”. Did I die listening to it?


No I did not die because again this song is amazing(after all it is Ayreon). Now let’s talk why it is amazing. Song starts on a weird note. It sounds like it is second part of already started song. That first part is probably previous song “Sea Of Machines”.

Is intro little bit cheesy? Kinda, but that is easy to ignore because rest of the song is pretty amazing. After that song becomes very heavy but as soon as singing starts it becomes extremely catchy.


I love that little robotic sounding part before the chorus. Little part like that one matter a lot in songs like this one. Just like previous Ayreon song “The Day The World Breaks Down” this song has a lot of mood changes which gives another level of awesomeness to the song. Little singing “duel” two Tommys (Tommy Karevik and Tommy Rogers) are having is amazing and it adds another great note to the overall atmosphere of the song. Every singer did amazing job especially Floor Jansen and Hansi Kursch. Those growling vocals match with rest of the instrumentation really good.  Just like with “The Day The World Breaks Down” this song is finished by Floor Jansen’s verse and she totally nails it.

Instrumentation of this song is pretty good too. Heavy guitars and catchy synths and keyboards match perfectly together. It has very groovy and catchy instrumentation. Every time “Everybody dies” part comes instrumentation changes its mood. Drums are not that complex but they fit the song perfectly. Organ riff is amazing and with heavy rhythm guitar it creates great contrast. This song would work live perfectly. It will make people jump. It has kinda disco feel which is pretty good this time.

Honestly this song would perfectly fit in some kind of super hero cartoon mainly because of those catchy verses and perfect chorus which is a great thing if you ask me. That first verse is easily best part of the song. It rounds up the song perfectly and every time it appears it creates explosion of the sound

At this point of the story it seems like everything is dying, there is no food supplies, no water supplies, no power supplies or other supplies. Diplomat like every diplomat is trying to calm down the situation while Captain is calling all of the people to follow him to another world. It seems like this is end of the planet Alpha but let’s not be sure with that. I am pretty sure some weird plot twist will happen and at least someone will survive.

Overall this is great song with great vocal performances and instrumentation. This song gets 5/5. Definitely check it out.

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