Something Just Like This by The Chainsmokers and Coldplay

So look who is back? The Chainsmokers. Infamous duo that is guilty for many abysmal and horrific songs. Like for example that extremely boring “Closer” or that song with worst drop ever created called “Don’t Let Me Down”. Now, they got Coldplay on their back. So how is it?


Well, it is not great (of course it is not great. It is The Chainsmokers after all)but it is not bad like other their songs.  It is kinda decent. It is definitely improvement but it is very easy to make an improvement when you have made such horrific songs like already mentioned “Closer”. Song starts nice but when Chris Martin starts that annoying “Do-do-do, do-do-do” part it almost all goes downhill.

First, they ripped themselves. I mean at least this time it is not someone else. Drop of “Something Just Like This” sounds almost like drop of their older song “Roses”. Even though drop is nice it is so stupid when you realize how lazy they are. They can not make another good drop so they had to include one that was already released. Such lovely much lame.

There are only 2 kinda good things about this song. First one is Chris Martin. His performance is good but it could be a lot better. It shows potential but it is sadly wasted potential. Second good thing about this song is that little guitar line in the end of the song. Guitar tone is nice and fits the song in a great way and it makes the drop to sound much better.

Lyrics of this song are kinda generic. It is another “love” song. Chris Martin is saying how he has been reading super hero books and how he does not see himself on that list. Then later in the pre-chorus he says how she is looking for someone who she can kiss not somebody with superhuman gifts and then same story repeats after the chorus.

Overall this is a decent song. Improvement from their older material but sadly only good parts are done by members of Coldplay. This song gets 3/5.


3 thoughts on “Something Just Like This by The Chainsmokers and Coldplay

  1. I’m not too crazy about it, I don’t like that they just copied the drop from Roses. Are you a fan of pop music in general?


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