Love by Lana Del Rey-song review

Right at the start I will admit that I have not heard much of Lana Del Rey’s songs (only “Summertime Sadness). So take this review with a grain of salt. I decided to check out some of her songs so I can understand what is she doing in this song much more easy. So what did I get?lana-del-rey-press-photo-2015-billboard-6501

I swear, Lana Del Rey is only person on this Planet Earth who likes to be bored, because that is exactly how she sounds in her songs. She is trying to go with this weird “emotional” vocal delivery ,but she only sounds extremely bored and monotone. She is probably laziest pop singer I have ever heard in my life. I am pretty sure this is how her recordings go:

Recording engineer:”Hey Lana let’s record that song.”

Lana:”Wait, let me finish my make up and tons of other at this moment unimportant things”

Recording engineer: “But, Lana I can not wait”

Lana:” Ok, wait I am getting in recording booth”

*records one take*

Lana:” There you go”

Recording engineer:”Ehhhhhh….”

Even her best song “Summertime Sadness” has a same problem. To prove my statement I will use Within Temptation as example.  In 2013 they released album of cover songs and “Summertime Sadness” was one of songs covered. That cover is great example of how little bit energetic vocal approach can make the song to sound much better.

So is “Love” any better than any of those songs?

It is not better and it is not worse. It is same as all of her other songs. Again same old vocal delivery which drives me nuts. Again she is trying to sound “emotional” but only thing she does it is that she manages to bore me. Her vocals on this song are so monotone that she makes Lemmy Kilmister to sound like opera singer.

Instrumentation is also very boring. I guess they wanted to match boring instrumentation with boring vocals? Song opens up with extremely boring bass line with Lana singing like she just got out of her bed and decided to record vocals without even preparing. I have to mention that in chorus she sounds ok and you know why? Because she is at least trying in that part. She is singing some of highest notes ever( How funny this sounds).Song lacks energy and that is main reason why it sounds extremely boring.

As for the lyrics, only interpretation that I could come up with is this one. This is probably Lana talking to her fans. She sees them as her “kids”

Look at you kids with your vintage music
Comin’ through satellites while cruisin’
You’re part of the past, but now you’re the future
Signals crossing can get confusing

Later in the chorus she says how their life is boring and one dimensional. How ironic from her

You get ready, you get all dressed up
To go nowhere in particular
Back to work or go the coffee shop
Doesn’t matter cause it’s enough
To be young and in love (ah, ah)
To be young and in love (ah, ah)

In the final chorus she changes “you” for “I”. I guess she admits that her life is pretty boring too and she is trying to relate to her fans

I get ready, I get all dressed up
To go nowhere in particular
It doesn’t matter if I’m not enough
For the future or the things to come
‘Cause I’m young and in love (ah, ah)
I’m young and in love (ah, ah)

Overall this is pretty boring song with ok chorus. Only reason why this song is not 1/5 is that chorus. This song gets 2/5.







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