Gotham by Kobra And The Lotus-song review

Kobra and the Lotus is Canadian hard rock/heavy metal band formed in 2009 by lead vocalist and songwriter Kobra Paige. I was always big fan of female fronted bands so I was curious to hear what these guys are doing. So is this “Gotham” song good?

This song isn’t good, this song isn’t great. This song is fantastic. Let me explain. Song opens up with this great guitar riff that for some reason sounds like intro guitar riff from”Motherload” by Mastodon and on top of that you have symphonic elements which makes this song to sound much bigger. Kobra Paige starts humming melody of the song before her vocals explode which creates great contrast and make this song to sound even better. Harmonized vocals in first verse are absolutely fantastic. Her vibrato in the chorus is fantastic. Instrumentation of this song is very dark which gives a lot of attention to the vocals which are very cheerful and clean and again those two things create one beautiful contrast.

After the chorus her vocals and whole instrumentation are becoming softer and softer which creates great foundation for blistering shredding guitar solo. And that solo. Holy shit. Its amazing. Is it kinda too short? Yes it is but it is long just enough so it does not drags the song too long.

Then we get to the final chorus where Kobra Paige gives us really good vocal performance which is finished with amazing high note scream. Every chorus of the song is better than previous one which creates great atmosphere.

This song changes its mood a lot of times for 5 minutes long song which is only a good thing because it surprises you every time song goes from soft and slow part to heavy part with high note vocals.

Overall this song is pretty good and I can not wait for their new album. This song gets 4.5/5.

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