Way Down We Go by Kaleo-song review

Kaleo is Icelandic rock band from Mosfellsbær. They were formed in 2012. The band consists of JJ Julius Son (Jökull Júlíusson) (vocals and guitar), David Antonsson (percussion and vocals), Daniel Kristjansson (bass guitar), and Rubin Pollock (guitar and vocals). They have released two studio albums, Kaleo (2013) and A/B (2016), as well as an EP, Glasshouse (2013). A/B has sold over 175,000 albums worldwide. A/B had 4 singles and “Way Down We Go” is one of those four. So is “Way Down We Go” any good?

This song is not good, this song is great maybe even fantastic. Let me explain. It seems like a lot of songs I review on this blog follow similar pattern. Simple, but great instrumentation with great vocals on top of it and this song is not exception Song opens up with beautiful piano which is followed by great drums that add a lot of good to the overall atmosphere of the song and on top of that you have JJ Julius Son doing his best Joe Cocker impression which he does in a fantastic way. After “Castle On The Hill” this is easily second best song on Hot 100 right now.

Around second minute  Rubin Pollock starts with great bluesy solo which is parted in 2 parts. Between those two parts JJ Julius Son hums melody of the song and during the second part goes in full Joe Cocker mode with his vocals which make this song to sound even better. Honestly this solo is one of the best guitar solos ever made in a history of Hot 100. It is very jumpy yet very simple which fits with the song very good. Super fast and very complicated solo would not fit with overall sound of this song at all it would just create one big mess and destroy overall mood of the song. That’s why this solo fits.

Usually if you repeat same phrase more than few times song will sound repetitive, but this song is big exception. It seems like every time JJ Julius Son sings phrase “Way down we go” songs becomes better. It’s probably because of his really good vocal delivery.

As for the lyrics,”Down” in this song symbolizes Hell. As song comes to its end singer’s performance is becoming more and more energetic which means that he is getting deeper in Hell and he is fighting to get out of it. Their inspiration for this song was probably volcanoes. Especially volcano”Eyjafjallajokull”. Famous Iceland volcano that erupted in 2010 sending ashes 11 km in to the air and single-handedly disrupting air traffic over Europe for several months.

And way down we go-o-o-o-o
Way down we go
Say way down we go
Cause they will run you down, down til you fall
Way down we go

Overall this is pretty good song and I would definitely recommend you to check it out if you for some reason have not heard it yet. This song gets 5/5.

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