Nighttime Lips by The Drowned God

Right at the start I have to say that I am not familiar with any kind of ambient music at all. So take this review with a grain of salt. So what Moonbearer is like?



Honestly I like this a lot. This song has really good opening. From a great guitar to equally great vocals this song has a lot to offer.Whole intro sets up perfect mood for the rest of the song. Vocals are very emotional which makes this song to sound a lot better. Last time I have heard vocals emotional like this was in Memento Mori by Architects. Ambient instrumentation match really good with vocals. Singer kinda reminded me of Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance which is only good thing for me since I always liked My Chemical Romance (Yes I like My Chemical Romance. I do not see problem with that), but that is not even best part of the song.

Around 1:40 mark song gets little bit more energetic which I like a lot and somehow vocals get even more emotional. This song almost made me cry and that rarely happens. There are only 4 songs that made me cry. Blackbird by Alter Bridge, My Name Is Human by Highly Suspect, Immortal Melancholy by Epica, already mentioned Memento Mori by Architects and now this song was very close to make me cry again. I was never big fan of very emotional songs but somehow those 4 and this one especially have something that I like. They are not depressive.

Overall this is pretty good song. Great instrumentation with even better vocals. This song gets 3.5/5.



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