Avalon by Foxygen

Indie Rock. Genre I was never big fan of. I do not know why but it was never something I was fan of. So I decided to check it out this song called Avalon by Foxygen. So, how is it?


Actually this is pretty good. This song is pure fun. From great opening piano to equally great trumpets this song has pretty good intro and promises a lot. It is very clear that Foxygen was listening a lot of ABBA because chorus of  this song sounds a lot like Waterloo by ABBA and that is good thing for me. This may sound weird but I can see this song being in soundtrack of Sonic 2 in Casino Night Zone. Both songs share similar sound.

This will probably end up as one of my favorite songs of 2017.  Its pretty much happiest song I have ever heard in my life. It also reminds me of The Beach Boys. This song has a lot of things going around. It is very well orchestrated. Every instrument compliments other one. Last time I have heard song with as good orchestration like this was on last Epica album “The Holographic Principle” and that was almost half of a year ago.

Avalon is  a legendary island featured in the Arthurian legend. It first appears in Geoffrey of Monmouth’s 1136 pseudo-historical account Historia Regum Britanniae (“The History of the Kings of Britain”) as the place where King Arthur’s sword Excalibur was forged and later where Arthur was taken to recover from his wounds after the Battle of Camlann. Avalon was associated from an early date with mystical practices and people such as Morgan le Fay. So basically .song tells a story about a couple falling in love in gardens of Avalon. Is it generic? Kinda. Does rest of the song justifies lyrics? Absolutely

Overall this song is awesome. Even though lyrics are kinda generic rest of the song justifies them pretty much.

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