How Would You Feel(Paean) by Ed Sheeran

So, Ed Sheeran is back. After one good(Shape Of You) and one fantastic(Castle On The Hill) song we get another one. This time it is “How Would You Feel (Paean)”. So, is this song good like those 2 songs are?


This song is right in the middle of those 2 songs. Better than “Shape Of You” but little bit worse than “Castle On The Hill”. Ed Sheeran was always great singer and he always knew how to use his voice to perfectly compliment the song. He again shows that in this song. His vocals are probably even better than in “Castle On The Hill”. You can clearly hear how he puts his whole soul in this song .

Every part of instrumentation goes well with each other.I simply love how this song opens up. From amazing acoustic guitar to equally amazing piano this song has beautiful instrumentation.Instrumentation is actually better than instrumentation of  “Castle On The Hill”.  Then we get to that beautiful guitar solo that somehow reminds me of Pink Floyd. Even though I have quite distaste for Pink Floyd and prog rock in general I cannot deny how great that guitar solo actually is and how perfectly rounds up this song.

As of lyrics, yes they are cheesy like for example this verse.

You are the one, girl
And you know that it’s true
I’m feeling younger
Every time that I’m alone with you

But when your song has as beautiful instrumentation and great performance as “How Would You Feel (Paean)” has cheesy lyrics are very easy to ignore. If lyrics were not cheesy it would be better than “Castle On The Hill”.

Overall this is pretty good song and I am excited to hear his upcoming album “Divide”. This song gets strong 4/5. Definitely check it out if you have not heard it still.

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