HELP by Papa Roach

Right at the start I will admit that I have not heard much of Papa Roach, only their most famous songs like “Last Resort” and “Scars” and I actually like them a lot. I do not know why I never listened any other Papa Roach songs but this will be good opportunity to do, so take this review with a grain of salt. So what do we get with this new Papa Roach song?

papa roach.jpg

After listening to this song  I realized that I definitely need to listen more of their songs because this song is pretty good. Matt from In The Furnace  Youtube channel pointed that this song sounds a lot like Breaking Benjamin and after listening to few Breaking Benjamin songs I definitely agree with him. Song he mentioned is Polyamorous. Both songs are very anthemic, especially chorus. Only difference is that Polyamorous is much heavier but that is enough about the influence let’s talk about the song.

Song opens up very good acoustic guitar riff which sets up really good foundation for the rest of the song and also that little part with programmed drums somehow fits very good. During the verse most of the instrumentation is gone which is very good because it opens up a lot of “space” Jacoby Shaddix to give us really good vocal performance. I would prefer if he went with little bit more energetic vocals but that is me nit picking. Acoustic guitar in the verses should be louder.If you are gonna have it then you should make it louder. In this state it can barely be heard. That is again me nit picking. Still this song is pretty good and we still need to talk about best part.

Best part of the song is easily the chorus. It has so many good things. Like the vocals. Jacoby Shaddix energetic vocals give the chorus that anthemic sound. Instrumentation is great too. From great guitars to equally great drums, especially that little fast drum run.Then we get to the bridge which sets up perfect foundation for final chorus in which Jacoby Shaddix gives us even energetic vocal performance.

As for the lyrics,  look lyrics might be generic but that does not mean that they are not good and also even if they were not good rest of the song justifies them. Lyrics are very relatable  and that is only what matters.

Overall this is pretty good song. Definitely check it out. This song gets 4/5.

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